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I've been sentimental about the old lines lately, but now I'm curious about something. Which lines do you think weren't successful in your eyes? For example, which ones were the least interesting, shelf-sitters, etc. Reboot doesn't count.

For me, I definitely think Ghoul Spirit wasn't particularly successful. The main draw of the line was Slo Mo, but boy was he hard to find at first (I eventually found him in Bulgaria of all places). But the other dolls weren't particularly inspiring and they were almost always shelf-sitters. I feel like the colour schemes didn't work particularly well for the dolls (it did no favors for Venus, and Frankie's eye make-up is something I'd rather forget). 

One line I'm torn about is Fangtastic Fitness. I think that they were nice dolls, and despite not having shoes (!) their make-up was quite nice. My problem is that I didn't see any of them in the UK, which isn't that surprising, but better yet, if you asked me to name where they were sold in the US, I'd have no idea either. Were they even sold anywhere? At all? I'm confused. 

Which lines do you think were 'unsuccessful' in this way? 

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ghoul spirit definitely, and that fitness one. Ghouls getaway wasn't very successful either, I think the giant plastic and the hiked price really put people off (they cost as much as the deluxe lines! wth?)

Ghouls Alive as well, the gimmicks made the dolls look weird and they were expensive.

The Create a Monster faceless ones I don't think were overly successful either.

secret keepers and frightmares.

I wanted to say Ghouls Getaway. but a lot of people seem to like that line. I've never liked it because it's always appeared to me as minidresses and giant plastic pieces rather than creative fabric outfits. 

Oh yes, Ghouls Alive was definitely a polarizing one. And Create a Monster never really took off beyond the original ones. 

ghouls getaway is nice under all the plastic tat, but I don't think they did themselves any favours draping the dolls in so much plastic and hiking the price so high. Budget dolls should never ben £15, that's just ridiculous. I saw some places asking £18 for them!


We only saw Fangtastic Fitness once, in Big Lots.  Great Scarrier Reef was not really anyone's favorite, either.  Peri and Pearl sat here for a very long time, even at $5 on clearance.  Freaky Fusion didn't work in our area.  Except for the Scarah/Toralei, Frankie/Clawdeen, Ghoulia/Draculaura, and Operetta/Frankie ones.  Those actually sold, but people really disliked the hybrids.

The vinyls did not do well, in the non-doll department.  The prices were too high, and right now they're still sitting on clearance here.  

Great Scarrier Reef, the line was good but I constantly see them in T.K Maxx they got stacks of them, the new characters defiantly were good better than the older characters they had good features and stuff but the line just wasn't as successful as others and was lacking a Gil doll.

also I' gonna say BYBY, a good line but not good sellers also, not all were easy to find some never made it to stores, they made the mistake of releasing the 3 new characters in their big ball gown gala outfits then a 3 pack of them in casual cloths it should have been the other way round though pack dolls are usually not in great big quality outfits they get the cheaper treatment but they could have done the gala separate as well but make them the exclusives though Luna's gala outfit is a lot nicer than her city one.

Fright Camera Action, I don't know I liked the line and the outfits and the new characters but it was lacking something and the movie wasn't the best, I saw a lot of the dolls everywhere.

Freaky Fusion, really cool line great concept great idea, something fresh and different but the stores are overrun with boxes and boxes of them, I think TRU still have them, at least it was easy to find Neighthan and you can probably still find him.

Dot Dead Gorgeous, an older line very good but has been in TRU for years for ever, I don't think it was very popular at all, Spectra was the best in that line though she was my first ever Spectra.

Ghouls Alive, defiantly not, not a bad line but wasn't the time for it, they are not for the collectors, the idea wasn't bad but most people didn't like the gimmicks, Robecca was hard to find also I'm guessing they caught on.

I'm going to say that the swim line with really no name that had three waves was pretty unsuccessful Mattel made way too many of the first wave and little of the second and third assortments. You know the line with venus, draculaura and lagoona but that's only the frist assortment. The second assortment was frankie, rochelle and holt which frankie and rochelle had enough to go around but holt was very short packed plus the secound set wasn't widely sold as most countries didn't get them and they were only at justice in the us. The thrid assortment of jinafire, clawdeen and spectra was also justice exclusive and spectra was the hard one to find. I don't think this was successful because the first set was overproduced and the other sets Mattel didn't re-release when justice stopped selling mh.

If we're going on personal taste, Ghouls Alive - as an adult collector I've zero interest in gimmick dolls. Also a lot of the pre-reboot budget lines were lacklustre, I got the sense Mattel were just throwing a lot of stuff at the wall and seeing what would stick. The no-shoes fitness dolls were a joke, I'd rather have seen swim or bedtime dolls with no shoes, that at least makes sense.

In terms of shelf sitting, hmm, a lot of recent (last three years) lines have ended up in clearance stores, but it's hard to say whether they were unpopular or Mattel just made too many. Frights Camera Action for instance, I think is one of the best if not THE best movie line but they're still popping up in bargain stores regularly.

I don't think the vinyls did as well as Mattel hoped, they've been dirt cheap on for ages and they don't seem to sell well here in the UK (my local TKMaxx currently has Chase Clawdeen and Deuce for £3 each and they STILL aren't selling.) The minis unfortunately don't seem to have taken off in the UK, although they seem to be doing well Stateside.

The later movies, like GSR and BYBY seem like they were massive shelf sitters. They were very hit and miss and the price was ludicrous. I personally only got Luna from BY and Toralei and P&P from GSR and regret getting both....Honestly the GSR were just awful to me lol.

If my TRU stock is any indication since i started collecting, plenty of lines either weren't successful or mattel made too flippin many of them. Ghoul Spirit, Ghoul Fair, Freak Du Chic, Ghouls Getaway. Haunted, Freaky Fusion... I mean, how old are some of these? yet my TRUs still have stacks of em.


Two words: Haunted Clawdeen! LOL! I swear that I saw so many examples of her sitting there....on sale!

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