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Have you noticed that Mattel seems to have thrown away most ethnic dolls that were part of the Barbie line away? I mean we have no true ethnic dolls of any kind in the playline aside from Steven and Nikki. Raquelle is "supposed" to be part Asian but other than dark hair, she has no Asian features. Even worse I think is that her twin Ryan is completely white looking. I don't care if they are fraternal twins and those types of twins do not look identical but Ryan SHOULD have Asian features. And why did Mattel do away with the TRUE Asian dolls like Kira/Marina and Lea? They had such beautiful faces. Teresa is said to be Spanish or Italian but even THIS seems to have been recanted. Christie was a big part of the Barbie line until Mattel discontinued her in 2004. And the tan version of Kayla was actually nice looking. I mean her face looked great and I liked the Fashion Photo Shoot version of her the best. The only Asian and ethnic dolls always seem to be collector issues now with the exception of the 2012 I Can Be President dolls. I just feel this is probably why the Bratz dolls were so popular. They had so many ethnic dolls and while some were only in one line, some made multiple appearances. I mean Skelita and Jinafire are two of MH's truly confirmed ethnic characters and they aren't even represented enough. What do you guys think?

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I've noticed this too. While I loooooove watching the Life in the Dreamhouse shorts, because Barbie was my jam when I was a kid, my first reaction to newer Barbie and her sisters was.. "Who the HELL is Chelsea and WHAT did she do with Stacie?!"

Back in the 90's/early 2000's, there was Barbie, Teen Skipper, Younger Skipper, Stacie, Kelly and then the baby, Krissy. They all had counterparts - For Barbie there was Teresa - the brunette/Hispanic, Christie - the AA girl, Kira, the Asian. Skipper had her friends who were Teresa, Christie and Kira's sisters, and Stacie had the same, and Kelly had the same. Krissy, I think, stood alone, but I don't recall.

Now they have set characters, instead of variations with different names, so you end up with a huge lack of diversity. Even though the characters in the LitD shorts are freaking hilarious (I'm sorry, I love it, I can't not love it, it pokes so much fun at itself, like when Teresa and Nikki were walking through Barbie's closet and they're like, "I love going through Barbie's closet, especially since we like, magically wear the exact same size!", and the whole.. robotic closet that has an 'evil' button) I think it's one of the things that has caused Barbie to decline in the past couple of years. While you don't have explicitly stated POC in Monster High, no one really has human skin tones in that verse, so there's no.. white girl, black girl, Asian girl, etc. 


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