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Just went into kohls looking for dolls, and their basic line is priced at 34.99!! plus tax!!?? And the Dead Tired line is 19.99!?!! For a store that advertises as discount, they sure do mark up their items! I even asked them in customer service if they matched prices because the manufacturer has them listed for 17.99, and the lady called a manager who then told me that he had no control over what their pricing is. Seriously? Basically, don't buy from them unless you really really have to because it's NOT worth the price scam!

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The only time to buy @ Khols is if you have a coupon(and they are usually available every sunday in the paper or thru their email)  unfortunately they have the Clawdeen and Operetta as exclusives so thats the only place youll find them.

Kohls coupons do go a long way. An online pal managed to pick up both the exclusives for under $20 with coupons but the price is still ridiculous though.

For a place that advertises themselves as a discounted store, they certainly jack up the prices first! >_/p>

Considering the dolls in question I was looking at are listed on the manufacturer's website for 17.99 (basic) and 12.99 (SS), it really is a jacked up price... If the manufacturer sells them for a certain price, I can understand if other retailers stand around the same, but when the price is almost double, that's really too much...

Understandable, and I'm more savvy than you realize. What I'm saying is that, if Mattel makes a profit off 17.99, then they are still selling shipments to their retailers at a cheaper price per doll than 17.99. Tack on the shipping/handling charge per doll and you get about what Walmart, Target and Kmart sell them for. Toys R Us sells for a few dollars more for all their dolls, and even that is pricy and you can't tell me they aren't buying their dolls in large quantities. Jacking up the price past this is being greedy, because I guarantee chain stores like Kohls would still make a decent profit off selling around the same price point as the rest of them, no matter how many cases they order.

Most regular shopper of Khohls get a Khohls charge card. With that there is always an extra 15%-30% off of all prices including sale prices - ALWAYS :) same thing with Justice...if you are on thier mailing list there is always 40% off - ALWAYS :)
Triumvirate: Wun, Tou, & Thrii said:

I hear you. Like I said, I don't know enough about it to determine how much a store like TRU or Kohls or anyone else needs to charge in order to make a profit. I'd like to think it's not just greed, but maybe it is. Kohl's does seem to have pretty regular sales in their toy department, so maybe they do jack up the prices so you think you are getting a deal when you buy at the sale price, which even then is still like a TRU price generally, not even a Wal-Mart price.

Welcome to Canadian pricing! The prices mentioned above are what we Canadians pay and it sucks! Oh and stores have just raised prices again, even Wal-Mart! Thank God I belong in group with lots of American friends who can help us northerners out..I don't know what an individuals mark=up formula is but if stores keep raising prices due to MH's popularity, I do think they'll price themselves out...I've already noticed a slow down in the movement of merchandise at TRU.

I noticed this when i go to khols but they always have a sale going on for the dolls. This week it was 25% off last week it was buy one get one 1/2 off and the week before was 15% off plus tgey have that spend $50 get $10 khols cash. See being canadian I am use to those prices but ours dont come with deals like khols. Being a box store, only head office has control on prices but even though they are high they still try to help you save.

If you have a Kohls card, it's way cheaper.  I frequently get up to 30% coupons in the mail because of it, plus an always 15% off from having the account.

I live in UK, so I've never been to Kohl's, but if I ever go to America then that will not be the first place I go!

Kohls jacks their prices up and then allows you to stack coupons to get the price down. I NEVER go into Kohls without at least 2 coupons. One a % off and the other being Kohls cash or a $10 of $25. They are one of the few stores that allows you to stack coupons...


I purchased 2 DT Wave 2 dolls there. They were on sale for $14.99. I had a 30% of coupon and a $10 off $25 purchase coupon. Making my purchase about $15 and some change.

...This is nothing new. Not only that it was one of the main points I made on Tumblr concerning everyone crying Scapler on peoples selling posts. It depends where you buy them. Heck, that's about the price of them in Canada.  So it isn't that shocking for me to see their prices because it sthe whole reason I dont shop in Canada any longer for this product.


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