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Just as an FYI for anyone not already including Kohl's in their regular doll hunting- both of my local stores seem to have gotten a case each of Killer Style Clawdeen and Operetta, which were Kohl's exclusives a couple of years ago. I also saw a few of Swim Line Venus, who I otherwise haven't seen in the months since she was at Justice. Better yet, they're currently running a buy one get one half off sale, which is a steal for the Killer Style dolls. Still no shoe dolls or Dead Tired 3, though. They'll probably show up the day after the sale ends. Boo.

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There's wave 3 DT @ my local Kohl's! ^^ San Leandro, California. Saw them on Sunday.

Ahhh, so that's why I saw that doll in the store the other day. I didn't recognize them so I wasn't sure if they were a new or older release. 

I saw them too. Kohls in Wheaton, Il. Kohls in Bloomingdale, Il seems to have gotten several cases. The Clawdeens I saw had bad hair.

Killer Style Clawdeen seems more typically to have great hair, though my personal doll (which I got online) suffers my collection's only case of 'glue head'. I need to find a way to fix that...


Still no DT3 here, but a trip to a Big Lots further into the city than my local one yielded the shoe dolls. I can't complain too much. Just a matter of having patience.

Just an fyi:  I checked the Kohls near the Bloomington, MN Target, and they had the Koh's exclusive Killer Styles Clawdeen and Operetta.  I totally forget to check the price though.  :-S  But I believe they were 10% off on MH dolls there right now.

Also, the Target in Bloomington, on 494 and Penn put out their Catty Noir dolls today.  There was a whole bunch of them sitting on the shelf and the cardboard display sign was gone.  They were $24.99.

Finally, also checked our Big Lots today, and they had the Swim Line for $12, and the I Heart Shoes for $15.  It is the BL located in Bloomington, MN on France Ave.

Literally JUST got back from one of my Kohls in Knoxville, TN.

They had not only Operetta and Clawdeen Killer Style, but Dead Tired Wave 3 and Lala with her Coffin Bed :-)


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