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yeay! great news!!!

does #13 have a "man" bun? o.o

Yes! Man-bun Ken looks good. I'm also fond of 11 - he looks like he's going to the beach, or the gym, or both. Probably both. 

Having a curvy Ken body is really reassuring, because it looks as if Mattel is starting to actually care about the Ken dolls - we're also getting more of them this time around, last year there were three, and this year there are 10 if you count the three from spring. I'm a little confused to whether there's one new Ken body, the more stocky one, or if there's some taller or shorter ones in there as well. 

I probably shouldn't be supporting Mattel but boy am I tempted to get some Barbies. 

DAD BOD KEN! EEEE omg omg omg omg.

Finally Ken gets some attention. About bloody time.

I mean, for his 50th they were all "we're gonna do this, and this, and this!" and then all we got was a barbie doll wearing a "i love ken" dress.


That was literally ALL we got for it.

Absolutely pathetic.

So yaaaay diverse Kens!

Not that i'm supporting Mattel but it's nice to see poor ol' Ken getting some way overdue attention and diversity to match Barbie.

Now, about those articulated curvy bodies... we ever gonna get those?

Apparently one of the deluxe The Look Barbies is gonna be curvy...and articulated.

I'm dying to see some articulated curvies come into playline though. Heck, I'm dying to see any articulated playline Barbies. 

OMG YES! it's about time 

this is awesome so excited I will be getting all of them. 

good to see 7 male dolls in one line. 

really good love them just wish kens had real routed hair!

Finally! It was about time. Now if only they were articulated.


I, too, wish that Mattel would go back to articulating their dolls.  <Sigh> If only....

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf

So here are the new Ken Fashionistas.

There are apparently three body types - original, broad and slim. I'm not sure if the middle one on the first picture is actually original because he looks more like the broad body, but his Flickr listing said original so I'm going with that.

There are also more (yes, more) girl ones too but I'll post those later.

The plastic manbuns bug the heck outta me, but nice to see body variation and some trendy actual bloody clothes. Plus lots of what look like new Ken face molds. About time we got more boys.

the guy with the cornrows is kinda cute. I think I prefer super short or cornrow hair to be molded as it looks okay, while molded longer hair just looks weird imo.


Thanks for the new info., Breanna. :)

I still want to get that slightly older African-American Fashionistas guy (Hip Hoodie"), 'cause, as far as the new African-American guys go, I like him the most....although that very last guy looks cool!

So, here's what I think of this new lineup (Doll names mine, not Mattel's):

Black, White, and Grey: He looks so....serious, but I love the futuristic-looking shoes!

Malibu's #1: Bland as heck outfit on that dude, but some seriously hot hair!

California Chillin': Handsome!

Rad Plaid: For some reason, his head looks to be twice the size that it should be. I think that I'll pass....

Retro. Throwback Boy: That shirt is all kinds of "Nooo!", but there's something oddly appealing about it, and the face and the hairstyle give that guy a sweet, innocent look.

Hikin' in Honalulu: Kind of hot-looking guy! Could he be our first Hawaiian Fashionista guy?

Sometimes a Cactus is Just a Cactus (LOL! Sorry. I couldn't resist, even though I know that Mattel will never give this name to that doll!): He looks like that college nerd who's trying too hard to get the girl by being....quirky, and yet, I love his facial expression....and his shirt. I just hate the idea of those stupid-looking shorts. If they were....looser....and more relaxed-looking....He looks to be Asian, which is cool, because, well, you know, Asian male dolls by Mattel are almost nonexistent.

Studying for Success: Hate the serious look! He looks like he's mixed a study ensemble's shirt with tough-guy cosplay boots! LOL! To me, it'd be almost like a guy wearing a toga with a necktie! LOL!

Of Man-Buns and Ripped Shorts: I'm not a fan of the Man-Bun with that facial screening, but the shorts are a cool, sort of Retro.-style fashion statement, and they look way better than those tight shorts. His face isn't too bad, though.

70s Hues: I love everything about this last guy, except for the colors that he's wearing! His facial expression and his body type look really appealing to me, but his pants could've been made in a much more attractive color, like red, or green, or even denim blue. That golden color isn't doing anything for me!

So, overall, my very favorites are....guys 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 (Maybe?), 9 (Maybe?, and 10.

I can't wait to see the new girls, too!  :)

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf 


I loved reading your opinions on these guys. The new hair molds are really exciting (at this point I've given up on seeing boys with rooted hair) and liven up the line-up quite a bit. This is definitely the best line-up of Ken Fashionistas we've had so far. And you're right, the Hawaiian shirt guy is hot.

All of the girl ones are actually on Flickr right now. Someone put together a picture of all of the 'new' Fashionistas and there are a lot of them:

Some of them really stand out. I love the one with the shaved head, she reminds me of Amber Rose. 

Another thing that popped up is this:

A single-release Emoji Fun with no extra outfits.


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