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Ok.  So I know I am not the only one with animals (namely a dog with teeth that like to chew things).  What is the worst thing that has happened to one of your dolls?  Mine was to a OOAK repaint I bought on ebay for a very good price.  It was originally a Jackson and was turned into Darth Maul.  Before I got a glass case for my dolls they were all set up on shelves, which my lovely cats decided to knock over while I was at work lol.  This is a before pic of my Darth Maul And this is what I came home to.....

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My dog actually hasn't done that much damage to my dolls. I think she got the chewing phase out of her system after she went through two text books and my mp3 player in college.  She will eat their hair from time to time but that hasn't done damage to the dolls just to my sanity because she will have stringy poo and start whining because it won't pass and I have to go wipe her bum to help her out :-/   My older cat has only knocked things off, luckily it hasn't done any damage.  I have my Winx dolls on the top shelf and she likes to jump up there and make them fly.  Our youngest cat however is a menace to my dolls and I have to be careful with her.  She has chewed off the fingers of Frankie and Draculaura, chewed off anything with feathers which includes my pirate Nutcracker and my OC daughter of the Phoenix.  Actually caught her chewing on my OC, punished her and moved her off the couch where I was setting up to take pics and I turn my back for 10 secs and shes back up there chewing again!  She also likes to eat brushes and hair and clothing and if we leave ANYTHING on the floor she pees on it.  Had to hand wash 2 entire walmart bags full of clothing and action figures because they were sitting on the floor in front of the shelf ready to be put away.   Also had one of my basics pulled apart by my cousins, found out the hard way original Frankie cannot do the splits.  Sweet hubby that I have though did a hip replacement on her :)


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