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This year we've seen tons of new doll lines, and new products from existing doll lines. However, it's good to share opinions of many doll lines and not just one. That's why I've made this topic - it's a bit like a game, only we're categorizing our opinion. There are four bands:

  • Keep is for the doll lines you know you want to stay. 
  • Kick is for the doll lines that you think need a lot of improvement.
  • Kill is for the doll lines that you don't like.

As a bonus category:

  • Revive is for older doll lines that you want to bring back.

It's similar to a thread on My Scene Hangout. Just list the categories and what dolls you think fit in there in your opinion. Have fun!

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Keep - most of them lol
Kick - dance class, it had great potential! But it needs a bit more flair and zazz lol
Kill - all the swim lines! Sure they're great for people who can't afford much, but gosh they get boring quick!
Revive - Dawn of the dance, especially the 3 pack

Keep: I'm going with most of them aswell.

Kick: Most budget lines.

Kill: SDCC exclusives! Or at least the debuting new character ones!

Revive: The old classic Basic lines that everyone loves, where we get new characters in their signature outfit with a diary and a pet and old characters in a new look with updated diaries XD

Keep: Classroom and I <3 Fashion  - love the little accessories to add to the HS playset, and more clothes.

Kick: Store exclusives to chains not easily accessible to many fans - Justice and Kmart.

Kill: New characters as SDCC exclusives - especially when they're not stand-alone dolls, but rather an integral role in one store's "exclusive" storyline.

Revive: DOTD and Basics

I sort of meant other doll lines like Pinkie Cooper, Bratzillaz, etc. but this will do :)

Haha! And here we all come up with the MH lines XD Starting over then:

Keep: MH (obviously, haha), Lalaloopsy, La Dee Da, Bratzillaz

Kick: Bratzillaz

Kill: Illegal bootlegs

Revive: Baby Face dolls from the 90's, Sindy

The reason I chose Bratzillaz in two categories is because the Bratzillaz are a very good competitor to MH, and MH has to stay top notch to compete back. I consider the 'zillaz as one of the main reasons why we eventually got the improved CaMs with all the needed parts. But, seeing the 'zillaz not selling so well in alot of areas, I think they need a kick in the good direction :)

Breanna Burton said:

I sort of meant other doll lines like Pinkie Cooper, Bratzillaz, etc. but this will do :)

Keep: Monster high baby!, Novi Stars (they've really branched out and it's excellent! Just work on that price point)


Bratzillaz, they need a bit of a kick in the rear to really be great but the latest offerings certainly look a lot better to me. I'll be doing a review of the 2nd and 3rd waves soon, but the first wave was pretty dodgy in terms of quality and the price point was obscene. They seem to have improved BOTH these things so yay! ,

Bratz, I love the taller body, I love the articulated arms, I don't love the toning down of awesome promos (twisty styles, i'm looking at you) or the "everyone gets the same outfit but in a different colour!" thing. Also, still annoyed about the Sasha situation.

Barbie: Seriously girl, I know you're over 60 but that doesn't mean you can't be a fierce fashionista. Barbie's outfits have been lazy and dull for years now, she needs a makeover and fast. Changing that frankly hideous face mould would be great too. I HATE the generation girl face mould and I absolutely LOATHE the artsy mould they use for the AA dolls. She looks like she wants to cut my face off and eat it! She's scary! They have so many really beautiful moulds for both caucasian and AA dolls, I wish they'd use them in playline more often.

Also, i would love to see more done with the sisters. First, bring Todd back damnit! Then give them ALL fashionista articulation. Skipper is desperate for some articulation and some hairstyle variation.

Then give us fashion packs for Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea instead of expecting people will rebuy the same doll in a different dress over and over. (seriously, identical hair and everything in most cases)

Kill: Moxie Girlz. They've been in their death throws for a couple of years now, at this point, I think it's time to just shoot them in the head and be done with it. Watching them limp on is kinda painful.

Equestria girls. I'm sorry but they honestly freak me out. They could have been really cute but their faces look cheap and crappy and their size is bizarre. They just fail far too much. Had they been more like their artwork, yeah, they could have been really cute. Kinda rainbow brite with the bright colours and mad hair but as it stands, no.. just.. no.

Revive: SINDY! She's 50 this year (september) and damnit, we need her back on the shelves where she should be! She's a sweet little doll, especially prior to Hasbro getting a  hold of her and making her look like a knockoff Barbie. A revival of her looking like her own doll rather than a wannabe babs would be amazing. The last relaunch had her looking like a poor man's polly pocket! Bah.

Now if only Tonner would give us some info about their repro Sindy in the works. And if only Pedigree weren't being so hush hush. I just sent my Sindy to Pedigree on Thursday for their "show us what Sindy should look like in 2013" contest lol. Can't wait to see the others they receive and what they end up doing with the ideas. 

Bratz Boyz: The boyz need to be back. I loved the boyz and the fact they had their own line. They weren't just Bratz accessories (unlike Ken) and it was awesome. They were unique and detailed and fabulous and they were screwed over at the Bratz relaunch by being given lame hair, lame outfits and no articulation when the girls got articulation and second outfits! Bring on articulated taller bodied Boyz! yessss.

Keep -- Equestria Girls

Kick -- playline Barbie -- step it up Mattel, you've let the playline dolls devolve into tacky ridiculousness.

Kill -- Bratzillaz, Bratz, and all Bratz-related products

Keep - Ever After high. I'm not entirely convinced, but it seems consistent design wise.

Kick - Oh, ho, ho... Equestria Girls. They're not horrifying, but the lack of articulation and painted torsos is NOT the way to go. Bratzillaz are also a bit iffy, but I like their (prototypes') faceups.

Kill- Nothing really comes to mind, except for those hideous Disney Channel dolls that look like they want to eat your organs while you're still concious.

Here's my opinion:

Keep - Monster High, Ever After High, Barbie Fashionistas and Life in the Dreamhouse, Pinkie Cooper, Once Upon a Zombie, Zelfs (they remind me of UB Funkeys and KaChooz)


Bratz - with articulated legs, more fashions, more older characters (especially Dana) and Boyz. Make Sasha in the UK.

Bratzillaz - they have to keep some standard from their prototypes (the Witchy Princess protos were amazing, but the final dolls aren't).

Novi Stars - articulation is my only serious problem - otherwise they're on Keep.

Barbie (regular playline) - they have no articulation...and too much pink. They should interest other genres rather than just a pretty pink princess. Make articulated sisters, as Purple Monkfish said, and think about other colours. Less sissy and more sassy please. I can make an exception however for Life in the Dreamhouse and Fashionistas. 

Mystixx - DIFFERENTIATE. ARTICULATE. Make them less like Monster High.

La Dee Da - LOVE what they're doing with La Dee Da. However, I think they should have articulation too, like Liv dolls did.

Winx Club - They're cute but I would love them to be more than just fairies. This could be a good opportunity for Jakks to capture a market. Have some contemporary fashion in there, like we had with Bratz Boutique.

Now onto the dreaded...


Equestria Girls - I think they're not very cute and a bad attempt at catching a new market. Only Dash and Fluttershy have articulation. I like the regular Pony, but this is just a joke.

One Direction dolls - they should at least have less creepy faces and rooted hair. I'm not a 1D fan.

MH knock-offs - No appeal to me...


My Scene - they have really good fashions and faces. Bring them back with full articulation and the same characters.

I forgot to...

Keep - Novi Stars. Their designs lately have been pretty amazing.

Revive - JEM! Because everyone needs fluorescent colored girl bands ;) 

Wow, I really totally forgot about some dolls that are out there... EAH and Novi's are definetely keep for me too!

Keep: Lalaloopsy (minis), MH

Kick: Barbie tweens - articulate Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea's wrists/feet; my 10yo won't even consider their current rigid dolls.  After MH, considers the improved Barbie Fashionista dolls "too grown-up" looking - more teen dolls.

Kill: Bratzillaz, Novi Stars, Moxie Girls, Liv


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