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Just Speculation but could:Catty Noir = Black Werecat and be the doll coming out Friday the 13th?

It just occurred to me Friday the 13th is an unlucky day. One of the things you want to avoid on that superstitious day is BLACK CATS. Catty = Cat, Noir means Black/Dark. Why not? Let's hope!

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 OH, I thought she was part of the Power Ghouls line?

My thoughts were it's Catrine Demew as a super hero.
Catty = CATrine (kind of a nickname)  . And Noir is french for black and she is a french cat....

That's a pretty good theory.

Interesting thought, I like it. I to wonder about the Catrine/French connection -- but seems like Scaris would already be done. Which may or may not mean anything -- it seems like Friday the 13th doll would have something to do with 13 Wishes because it will be the current line in September.

I can't wait to find out, I love BW Frankie. So I guess like Frankie the price will be 9.13 -- Frankie was 4.13 for Friday, April 13th.

I would rather it be Catrine's superhero name because I am so tired of the over use of Werecats/Wolfs.

I hope your theory is right, Rochelle! I'd love to add a black werecat to my collection :D

Me too.

Although Catrine is white, what does she have to do with "noir" (=black)?

Jessabelle Quinton said:

I would rather it be Catrine's superhero name because I am so tired of the over use of Werecats/Wolfs.

The bolded sentence is exactly what I am trying to say as well, please read my post again ;)

@Spectra Chantilly: Maybe it is brilliant, and kinda like a wordplay, but unless she wears a mask on her whole face, ears and body, it would be pretty stupid. What is the point of being called "black" if people can see that you are actually white? It's not like she can hide her identity like that, physically or theoretically. Not even her name is "Catrine Blanche" (=white) If it was, "Catty Noir" would make more sense.

Triumvirate said:

There just saying that Catrine is French and the word noir is French and that's the possible relationship.

Sorry, guys, I get the thinking behind that, but I really don't think you'll see any more Catrine DeMew's this year besides her Scaris version. Plus, why would a white cat have black in it's name?

I personally think the bad luck "black cat crossing your path" scenario makes more sense and this will be a new black cat character for 2013, possibly even the new character to be released around 9-13-2013.
Victoria Niccals said:

Me too.

Although Catrine is white, what does she have to do with "noir" (=black)?

Jessabelle Quinton said:

I would rather it be Catrine's superhero name because I am so tired of the over use of Werecats/Wolfs.

Friday the 13th....unlucky.... o.o That's my birthday 030 (For real!)


I don't know.... I have a black were-cat OC named Onyx Panthera...  That would be weird to have an official black cat doll and my custom Onyx. XD


Spectra Chantilly and Victoria Niccals, I like your idea on Catrine and her super-hero identity thing. I hope that what Mattel decides to do! That's a great idea! o.o


I'm not complaining, as I love cats, but what's with all the werecats Mattel has been giving us? Toralei, M&P, Catrine, and the possible Catty....

Again, not complaining. Toralei is my favorite character, and I adore cats and werecats.


Maybe Catty Noir is like Catrine's evil twin or arch nemesis?  Since they both have French names it's not crazy to think they might know each other somehow.  One white cat and one black, they could be playing with the contrast or something.  Personally though, I think it would be cliche to make the black cat evil, maybe she is just unlucky and misunderstood.

Or maybe in order to make a budget doll like the Black and White Frankie, they will just make an all black and white Catrine and call her that.

Honey, relax a little. We're speculating here. It's not brilliant just because you say it is, and it's not a given that she will be covered head to toe. None of the others in the Power Ghouls line are covered head to toe, why would Catrine be? Just so they can "brilliantly" use Catty Noir as her superhero name? She would even have to cover her tail, and I highly doubt that that would happen. Plus, if this is all irrelevant, why are you taking this so seriously?

*huge sigh* I hate fighting with kids over the Internet, so calm down a little, please. We're all fans here, not enemies.

Spectra Chantilly said:

There's no maybe about it, it IS brilliant. Of course she would have a costume coving her in black from head to toe, geesh! So yes, she could hide her identity like that. You must not be very familiar with super-heroes because some of them actually alter their complete identity, both physically and theoretically. Super-heroes also changes their name. Catty Noir would still make perfect sense, regardless of her real name being Catrine Blanche or not. Some people... seriously.


Plus, all of this is irrelevant since, as mentionned before, Catrine is still a new character and not known yet or part of MH school yet too, so she would not already have a 2nd doll.


Yeah seriously, if your so relaxed then why does your post come off as foaming at the mouth? XD Anyway, I think a black cat character for Friday the 13th is a wonderful idea and I hope thats what Mattel is planning on doing. It fits and it would be a perfect doll to be released on that day.


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