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At Walgreens in their $6.98 or 3 for $13.98 stuff they have dolls called Midnight Magic that are clearly MH knock off. They are all pretty cute. I will upload a picture in a little while.

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If these are the same dolls they look kinda cute and for that price I may have to add them to my collection

They look well articulated. Might be real good for customs. Thanks for the heads-up.

Really cute I might need to find these a good stocking stuffer at least.

i wonder if the MH dolls can fit in their clothing?

They are the same. Thanks for posting!

Azteca said:

If these are the same dolls they look kinda cute and for that price I may have to add them to my collection

Oh i saw these....they arnt too bad....kinda interesting...wonder if the clothes fit Monster High dolls.

I went to Walgreen's and bought all 4 (thanks for the tip MonsterHighMommy, I would never have thought to go there or found them if you hadn't posted this). Let me start by saying they are VERY low budget. Please DO NOT expect Monster High quality. The hands and arms are articulated, but I had to cut through plastic flash to open up the space for the joint to move on most of the arms. The legs are the Barbie-style click-click joints. They are about Nefera's size almost exactly, so Nefera's shoes and clothes fit fairly well, but the regular Monster High sized dolls' shoes and clothes don't. The eyes are flat, not 3D relief. The hair is that typical Barbie knock-off stringy cheapness, but it is very long and (for the price) I think it's o.k. My favorite is Kayley, her purple skin is a really nice color. The best made I bought was Pippa (the grey one), her joints moved the smoothest, her hair the thickest, and her face paint was the least wonky. Their ears are swirl shaped and have holes for earrings, but no actual jewelry.

Please be careful when you try to bend the hands and elbows, you may need to cut through flash to open the joints and the joints just don't move very smoothly, so go slow and steady, be gentle. If you try to force it, the arm will just snap off (I accidently did that).

On the whole, I think they are kind of neat. I don't think they will hold up well to kids playing with them, but they should be okay for display. A good palette for practicing customs on. They have a certain (very) generic charm.

My husband decided Autumn needed all 4 and went out and bought 6 dolls yesterday so he could get the great deal on them. The two extras we are going to send to my nieces who are just getting into MH but are not responsible enough to have dolls that have so many pieces that can come off.

Yeah I've seen these before!

Since the arrival of Mattel's monstrously popular Monster High line back in 2010 a variety of other knock-offs or similarities have came up. But the knock-offs are the most funniest. Hence toy company Simba has brought out a line of their own called Mystic Girlz. It takes the scary cool concept by having the girls and guys being supposedly just some scary goth girls living their own lifestyle as any other emo, goth, scene kid would. These are the items currently available....

Spooky Diary
Mystic Girlz
Scary Couple

Midnight PJ
Night Ride
Scary Fashion Set
Pumpkin Carriage
Scary Diary

Surly the fans of Monster High, Novi Stars, Winx Club, Bratzillaz, Bratz, and Mystixx Vampires will sink their fangs into this.


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