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Funny thing is I can't find him on my computer but can get him through an email sent on my phone.  

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Just got my Finnegan(s) today! He's gorgeous. Although, I have a little issue with how cartoonish they made his eyes. They're literally huge and outlined. I've noticed this with a couple of newer dolls...I have no idea why they've stared doing that.
Finnegan just arrived. I have to say this doll has totally exceeded my expectations. What I great doll. I hope all collectors get a chance to add him to their collections.

Mine arrived today as well - the tail articulation is pretty cool!  He's definitely a highlight in my collection.  I wonder if he'll make his CGI debut in Great Scarrier Reef ….

Mine came Tueday!!! I absolutely love him....that's why I got 2...who knows, maybe I'll get me another one :-)    Is it me or does he seem smaller? Im kinda OCD and cant break the rubberband that's holding him in the chair so I cant really stand him up, next to other monsters. I wonder if they will release other editions of him...I hope so.

With his tail and fin fully extended, he is as tall as the other boys.  His hips are definitely narrower.  

I wanna know why his eyes are so cartoonishly gigantic and his eyebrows are outlined (no other doll has this)...who decided these were good choices? They cheapen him.

I don't mind his eyes - the girls have an even wider range of eye sizes (Clawdeen and Draculaura on the smaller end and Rochelle and Skelita on the larger end) - but I agree with you that the eyebrows are a little strange with the outline.

How has the quality been? I've resisted ordering dolls online because of the horrible QC. I really don't want to order one and have it show up with the eyebrow on the chin or something......

I think they added the outline of the eyebrows to make him look "tougher" because his face would have had a softer look without it, just imagining it. Here's a closeup of mine.
I've been noticing all the dolls have the pupils on the 'eyelids,' which is a little strange. With my 2, the bottom whites of his eyes are uneven, it's not making the eyes look too wonky, but it is a little off putting. XP Over all still a cute doll, though hips that swiveled a bit more would be neat. The middle swivel made me greedy for more maneuverability.

I ordered 2 and one of them has the same issue as yours - I had to really study his face before it became apparent but now I notice it.  The other one is practically perfect, so I'm glad I got 2 so I could pick the best one.  I'd be bummed if both had been a little off!

I was so excited to get him but he's kind of been put on the back burner while I play with my Sphero BB-8. Such a fun toy makes me not really notice anything else. XD


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