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Funny thing is I can't find him on my computer but can get him through an email sent on my phone.  

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i know what u mean but its better to be safe than sorry...

He's £16.50 on atm with free delivery too :)


I received my shipping info on my pre order today. He should be arriving soon to myself and everyone else that put in an order.
I also got shipping confirmation today. Can't wait to see him in person
I bought three.

I'm not ashamed.

yeah i got shipping info too ..UPS isnt gonna pick it up until Monday i hate ordering for mattel they take their sweet time

I received an e-mail notification yesterday as well, but the package is not registered on either the Mattel site or the UPS tracking site.  I've ordered directly from Mattel before and it generally seems to be kind of a mess - last time I placed an order for in stock items, it took them over a month to even process it.  

Weird...mine are already in transit! Guess I lucked out? I did do express shipping.

I opted for free shipping … you get what you pay for, huh?

yep mine say transit but not in transit which means it wnt be picked up til monday since ups ground shipping doesnt pick up on in no rush either..why pay to have it sooner?

I too got the pre-order email and ordered him right away!  I got a tracking number yesterday!  So excited!


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