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Funny thing is I can't find him on my computer but can get him through an email sent on my phone.  

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I can't find him through a search.  Do you have the link?  How much did he cost?  When will he be shipped?  I can't wait to get him!  Thanks for posting!

Mattel removed fin from the site because he won't be available for shipping until the 18th my guess he was posted too early if you got the email you can order him but i wouldn't recommend posting the link from email because it's considered a leak. He costs 25 dollars plus there's an eight dollar shipping fee.  Good luck if you didn't get the email just keep checking he should be up on the site soon.

Funny thing is even if I wanted to post the link I can't, he's gone.  lol  I saw him in the Toy box sale email sent today under the "recommended for you"  section.   Saw his picture and clicked on it.  I ordered 2 so got free shipping.  

What did the email say? Was it an email specifically for the doll? All I got wAs an email about a toy box sale.

I have found him on Ebay UK for £27.99 with free postage in the UK.

Finnegan is up again for pre-sale if you didn't get him last time. 

This is the link!

You are a DOLL!  Thank you so much for posting the link - I just placed my order!  I was tempted to get him through Lloyd's Toys but he was listed there at $39.99 … I figured if I waited just a bit … thanks again!

He hit the UK last week. £21:99 in Smyths and Toys R Us

Yay. Can't wait until he arrives

Thank you!!! Just bought him too!!!  I was looking daily for him.  Thanks for helping me!!! =)

:) I'm glad to help
Thanks for the link! I pre-ordered him the other day.

I received an email from Mattel today announcing Finnegan is for sale with limited availability. I assume many people here also received that email.

I wonder how limited he really is. I hate feeling the anxiety and pressure on "limited" releases. It makes me wonder if I am just falling for a marketing technique.


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