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School's out and the girls are getting summer jobs, it's up to you to decide who's going to hire them and what their uniform will be.

As with all the other group projects, you can interpret this however you wish and we'll all meet back here at the beginning of the month to share our creations.

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Such a cute idea! I love it!

I'll post mine soon

I didtnt have time to do the whole outfit, and it looks pretty crummy So here are the accesories, I thought of the idea of a store that sells equipment for things like jousting, fencing, archery and so on. So I made an Archery set and a Spellmore Link (The group is still W.I.P.) As I was saying, I also made a Spelmore pennant. So here are my pictures... (Sorry about the flash in the first one and the somewhat blurriness)

I love it!  I love how you made a quiver for the arrows and everything.Maybe you can make the store later on. I have been thinking about this idea for making playset/displays (maybe that can be our next project?)

I didn't get around to make an outfit this time around, but I did make a couch-type thing. I'm not sure how I can make that relate to the them because I don't think any of the girls would be working as carpenters over the summer, but it was fun to make. I'll post some pics as soon as I take some.

great idea im going to learn how to sew to do an artist i can draw paint wite and when it comes to art i want to master or try is sewing ill have to do it by hand but i can do it! great idea! im 20 years old and i love that i can like a kids doll with out being mad fun of

Okay, I have not even had a chance to get this months project done. End of school, need for getting practicums done, a difficult class, plus visiting my parents this month have over crowded my schedule. I have the uniform pants done, as well as the badge, I just need to get the top done and get out to do the pictures.

Different side not all together. My segundo mom (step-mom) sent a picture of the pool at her place with no one in it. It would make a great back drop. I'm going to post it on the main board so anyone can "borrow" it if they would like.

@lis b
Thank you! Maybe the ghouls wouldn't work at a carpenter place, but they could work at a furniture retailer! They store for mine is called Lance-A-lot sporting goods. The black night owns it, Miranda is friends with his daughter so she has a job there.

Here is Frankie's job. She's working at Walmart all real proportions.

She may

be small,

but she

gets the

job done.

OMG I love this!

Haha cute! :D


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