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This month's theme will be Prom. You have all month to work on it and we'll post out prom pics on the first of July.

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Shoes are so hard tho! I have been trying and so far the results have been awful.

I made a set out of clay but my sister broke them while they were drying.

They don't necessarily have to have heels on them.  I just wanted to put something out there that might not require sewing, since we have a few members who have expressed a lack of sewing skills. It could be just modding an existing pair of shoes. whatever a person wants.

Yeah I do that a lot

Love this dress!!!

Patience Matthews said:

So, I finished this June 1st, but go really lazy. Instead of just making a dress, I decided to go ahead and do a full custom. Along with making the dress, I curled her hair and repainted her.

I am a novice, and this was my first dress. Haha, this was sooo not my original design!


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