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This month's theme will be Prom. You have all month to work on it and we'll post out prom pics on the first of July.

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Yay! I think I'll actually have the time to make this! :o)

I already Fineshed my dresses so I'm making the whole entire prom! I'll take a picture of it so others can use it as a backdrop.

My daughter and I brainstormed today and I'll be making something rock-a-billie-glam for her Operetta.

I'm making a robotic-like dress for Andrea and just a regular prom dress for Bethie.
I finished both already do I'm creating the who prom to do a photo shoot.

 I have Operetta's dress done. It looks so killer (I'm very excited about it). I took pics of it this morning, but need to up load them. I am thinking of making a copy of it to sell in my Etsy store. I am also going to make a dress for Spectra (not necessarily focusing on the boys since I pretty much went stag to the only prom I ever went to).

@Gabby Goyle (2)
So you went alone?

I made my operetta a Greek toga because in doing this puppet show thing for school and Cleo and operetta star in it, so I might post operetta's dress as a third.

I said effectively because the guy I went with did not want to dance or even really participate. So a few of my girlfriends and I danced solo to the fast songs. Granted the music selection really sucked - Speed Death Metal or Regea (think Bob Marly remakes)



I have Operetta's dress done. Thinking about making another one like it to sell on Etsy.

Wow that's so pretty!

I was super tickled with it. I amazed myself (and I am super critical of my work).

Yeah, me too, my friends and family say I'll always be my biggest critic


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