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My friend Lacey just made this fan club!

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Sorry, Im not trying to be negative or anything, but its not official unless the fan club is run by Mattel. :)

That's okay if it's not official. Fansites are fun, too. C: I'll join.

I checked it out.  Looks nice, however, you MAY have to remove the official from the logo.  Like Violet said its not official unless its endorsed by Mattel and leaving it on the logo, COULD lead to legal matters.  Just have the logo say "Monster High Fan Club" and you should be fine. =)

Thanks guys, she corrected it :) oh and thanks for joining Panda. i should probably join too since im advertising it...lolol

I signed up :) I'm just waiting for the activation key :D

I'm sure Lacey would say thanks :) haha
Thank you for posting this!!! <3<3


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