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Sorry if this has already been discussed but whats up with Jinafire Long?? Why is she costing so much more than the other Scaris dolls? On Ebay and Amazon shes selling for $30.00-$40.00 more than the she being short boxed or something? It really annoys me if they make less of her KNOWING that her and Skelita are the most popular dolls to get because they are new characters. I actually find it quite cruel on Mattels part, with Christmas coming up making these dolls even that much harder to find and knowing also that alot of kids are wanting her. Shame on Mattel for doing this to their faithful fans and collectors but mainly to the kids who were looking forward to getting these dolls for christmas but probly wont because Mattel is sending out cases with hardly any (if any at all)Skelitas and Jinafires. But if theres another reason why she is so much more than the others...then disregard this message and my apologies.

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It's because she's shipping erratically, it seems...some cases have two of her in them, some have none at all.  It's making it very hard to determine where and when she and Skelita will pop up.  It's an insane distribution model, in my opinion.

it's baic supply and demand.... she's hard to find right now, so folks are willing to pay more.  The more common she becomes, the lower her prices will go :)


Me opened about 10 cases of scaris at my job at TRU and every box had two of jinafire in them. It must depend on where the cases ship from.

I found both skelita and Jinafire at justice, and they were the same price, actually pretty cheap with the 40% off sale they have going. :)

Same here, Chicagoland, No Jinafire in the cases. I checked 2 stores in my area.

Are there any members here that are in the Chicago area? We can keep each other posted.

When stuff is rare value goes up. It's common sense. And it isn't just dolls either. Anything does. Movies, figures, other items and even your countries dollar.

My mom had them open a case at TRU yesterday and it only had one Jinafire inside. It seems pretty random to me.

UK Tru is the only place to get these so far. Not one box with Jinafire yet.

So yeah, the shipping is really erratic.

there's actually 3 assortments. one has 2 skelitas, one has 2 jinafires and 1 skelita, and one has 1 skelita and 1 jinafire.

Milkbatty said:

My mom had them open a case at TRU yesterday and it only had one Jinafire inside. It seems pretty random to me.

Yeah it's basically because Jinafire's been kinda random in some cases. Doesn't help that (to me) she seems to be the one everyone wants [generally speaking].
I think the dolls per case are random, although there are some set assortments. I've heard someone saying their store got a full case of Skelitas. O_o

UK got the Scaris dolls in a few days ago, and the only dolls that haven't been seen yet are the budget line, Catrine (obviously) and JinaFire. She's definitely the rare one! Maybe eventually they'll replace someone like Skelita for her in most cases ...


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