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Stopped by my local Target today on my lunch break as I often do when new dolls are due out. Decided to try the scanner & check to see if they had received any Jane dolls since she has been showing up on the east coast. To my surprise, when I entered the DPCI is said item not found. It worked last time I checked bout a wk ago, so I looked up the barcode & tried that. Still the same message. I asked a manager about it since I know many of the employees there & her scanner said it was not being shipped to this store at all! Very frustrated, as the next closest Target is 45 min away, as is TRU.

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Eh, I find it hard to believe that some Targets wouldn't be getting her considering how popular MH is. Plus, toys are not exclusive to any specific target store. They should be consistent across the board from store to store.
I would bet that the scanner system could have been down/ malfunctioning. When I worked for Target back in college, that system was prone to malfunctioning. Usually at the worst times too. It could have been down for system upgrades as well since, if I remember right, all scanners across all targets are linked to the same system. As for the manager's scanner, I'm betting that the case is that nothing is being shipped to your store yet because it's not in the district warehouse at the moment. Can't ship something that isn't there.
I would say wait a week or so. She's hasn't show up in many Targets yet (as compared to TRU), which leads me to believe that she hasn't shown up in very many district warehouses just yet. I've had Guest Services check the surrounding stores in my area and all come up at 0 currently. My bet is that we'll start seeing her in all Target stores shortly after Black Friday. :)
Plus, if I may also point out, TRU took Jane down from their site today. Coincidence?

I wouldn't believe her. One time I was told by a Target employee that they would not be carrying Monster High dolls at all anymore...........yeah......6 months later..still carrying Monster High dolls! I don't know what that employee was trying to pull.

Employees usually never know what they're talking about, really. Don't stress about it.

All 3 US Targets near me are carrying Boolittle. If it isn't showing up, it is most likely NOT in your system yet. Be wearily about asking and getting info from associates, most do not know and will say anything to make them sound smart or get you out of their hair. Especially since Department Stores don't really know when new stock is coming in and sometimes either don't get the new item DCPI's yet OR information as timely as other stores. It depends how efficient your stock manager is.  On my Tumblr Sunnehshides, I posted Boolittle's DCPI from the scanner that I did last weekend.

Bootlittle isn't an exclusive, you'll see her in a abundance soon, shelf warming.

I overheard a customer grilling an employee about Monster High shipments and she was told that Target gets what is sent to them in a box and it can be random, so some stores would get more of some dolls and some stores no luck with the hard to find dolls.  But most Target stores should get more than one shipment a week so keep looking.

All Targets will be getting Boo Little if they carry Monster High Dolls (which I am assuming most Targets in the US do). Please keep in mind that the popularity of Monster High is enormous and that Target will "block" information from time to time, especially if they are working on clearing old stock from their shelf to avoid having their floor associates spend time looking for/answering questions about a doll that hasn't hit Target's shelves yet.

As for the reasons behind why some Targets get items that others don't... There are a few simple answers: While Target's delivery system will allow for delivery of new stock under a new DPCI number automatically, it does not automatically refresh stock on an existing DPCI until inventory is taken. You've probably seen them do it before. The Target associate with that annoying loud scanning device. The problem is that during off peek times of the year the toy department is usually not a priority until reset time. Most of the time inventory is all visual. If the shelves are full of dolls they might not take proper inventory unless the associate knows the difference between a Power Ghouls doll and 13 Wishes and arranges them according to their allotted shelf space.

Going with the idea behind "fuller" shelves, while it's a common fact that retailers prefer stocked shelves over barren ones,  if a particular item/line is not selling well then the local Target won't reorder it until they sell through what they have (example: Power Ghouls) on hand and in their on premises storage. When you add in randomly short packed dolls (Toralei PG who sometimes is not even in a shipment) finding the short packs can be quite hard.

And finally Target will "hoard" inventory for special sales (Black Friday for example) to make sure they have sufficient inventory to meet customer demand. Their Black Friday sales are decided early in the year so they have enough time to order stock, etc. The Dance Class 5 Pack is a perfect example of this, as is the Skull Shores 5 Pack. The ad I saw has the entire Monster High line at 50% off along with sale prices. We will probably see another reset done very quickly after BF with the newer lines filled in, especially if Target sells through it's current stock quickly.

Hope this helps! And this is coming from a former Inventory Control specialist. =)


I am very aware of how the inventory system works @ retail stores & in particular the Target in my area. I even know what days they get & put out stock. I was just frustrated that she has been removed from the system & the manager's scanner showed specifically that she would not be carried @ that store (I saw it myself) & to check other stores. Thanks for everyone's input on the subject though, as not everyone is familiar with this info. I just wanted to let ppl know what to look out for.

Monster High dolls are actually Buy one, Get one 50% off - not a flat 50% off all.

And I wouldn't be surprised if Targets didn't get Jane until after the holidays/in January when the Toy reset happens. The Toy area always goes through a major transition in January and July, and that's when you can usually expect to see new lines pop up.

Also, its possible your store may not be getting her because you're a smaller volume store? I know I work at a relatively smaller Target, and we don't always carry things that the larger stores do - like we no longer carry the Scary Tales line, but it's still stocked in other stores.

My walmart said it was never carrying Catrine when she was first out. But now they have 10+ on shelves at all times. 

I think it's just not in their system yet.

Could you kindly tell me what her DPCI is so I could check my local Target? :) Thanks!

DPCI: 086 02 2864

Grell-chan ♥ / HaileyBeth. said:

Could you kindly tell me what her DPCI is so I could check my local Target? :) Thanks!

The dpci codes are All wrong at Targets. The new FCA dolls are under Scaris and Slo Mo has the same code as Dance Class. Their numbers are done by assortments, so if there is one Scaris shows up in stick online or available in your local store, but it could be Any Scaris doll. They're not individualized. The employees hate the system equally and it's not just MH that is done this way. They will probably correct the Assortment numbers at some point, but having a dpci is pretty worthless at Target. This may be why there was a problem scanning as well.


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