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I CANNOT believe someone listed this. Maybe the craziest presale I've ever seen. I- it's just- why-...there's no words.

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So what is the story on jane boolittle

Seriously? Do we even know that's her name for sure? Sheesh

I guess I remember someone saying she is one of draculuara's long lost sister or something.

Her name is confirmed to at least be Boolittle.

Torie said:

Seriously? Do we even know that's her name for sure? Sheesh


The sad thing is that people really want to get these dolls before anyone else, or are afraid to miss out on them that someone will probably buy her. I would never buy a presale like that.


How do these people get the dolls? Or at least feel confident enough that they will get them when they are not even for sale anywhere?

What I don't understand is how can they offer 30 days the doll will be shipped!?!?
You have 45 days to file a claim with paypal. By that time this seller won't have the dolls in hand. The buyer is basically out of money unless they do a chargeback with their credit card. It's safer to just wait.

What's really sad is the 16 watches.  Gosh, I can't even!

Look at the abuse of all those fonts! Those poor fonts!

I facepalmed far too hard. Now my face hurts.

Reserve yours before its too late ...really ?

How is this listing even still up?! It's obviously fraudulent. If you look at their other items they have every single SDCC reveal listed. And the description is pathetic, vague and based of speculation.


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