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Is this like a new outfit, manufacturing mistake , or did someone  pull a switcheroo?

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Ice Princess said:

No Im pretty sure it is the same

What are you referring to?
hehe haha

Rochelle(Drageta Flame) said:
Im pretty sure it's a rip off since when I zoomed in they were flowers( at least that's what it looks like to me)

yeah his vest looks a little funny. maybe they didnt have enough of the right materal to make it look like the cartoon.

the pants and the shirt

Plum blossom said:

What are you referring to?

I hope I can find one wearing the outfit on the left. The other outfit is odd.

It looks like the material from Venus's shirt.

I actually like the blue pants :-) not the vest though.

My Jackson arrived today,I paid $26,not that bad I suppose. Mine looks like the one on the left. Weird thing is in that ebay listing,they make no mention of the outfit being different than on the box, like how a lot of ebayers say stuff like "RARE in wrong outfit" etc. So maybe Mattel messed up or they are going to have 2 different  versions, or it's possible it'll be an outfit pack and they mixed the outfits up and put him in the wrong main outfit? (I know that sounds a bit confusing, but hopefully you get the idea of what I'm trying to say,lol)

That's a great deal! Where did you purchase ?

Trixi Turner said:

My Jackson arrived today,I paid $26,not that bad I suppose. Here is what mine arrived in.

Looks like someone pulled a switcheroo. There is no way Mattel allowed for such a mistake ._.

=<.<'= today is the 1st of april,... i smell something fishy and it isn't lagoona or gil.


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