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We should by know all know Draculaura was originally dating Jackson Jekyll, then out of nowhere she has an interest in Clawd. Why is she disinterested in Jackson know? Was it to appeal Twilight fans because of the whole Werewolf, Vampire, dating?

Is Jackson going to get a new girl, or possibly when he's introduced in the webisodes (possibly this upcoming Friday) Draculaura will still be angry at Clawd and start dating Jackson? For option number two to happen she'd have to forgive Clawd and go back to him because of the gift set. I hope option one could happen if option two doesn't, but who would he date? It's possible one of the new characters could be his next girlfriend, but I doubt it. MONSTER HIGH THE GHOUL NEXT DOOR SPOILER ALERT! 

Maybe since it appears Melody Carver is a siren and she doesn't even know it they could make her into a doll in future. There's a slight chance if Mattel wants the two universes of characters to be slightly more similar, they'd make her for Jackson Jekyll since in the books they date. I don't think so, but they hired Lisi to write the books which almost in a way makes her work for the Mattel toy company so they can use her ideas if they want to. There's only about 5% chance of this happing in my mind, but we don't know.

I might be over-thinking this, but many of us on here do. So put your input about this.

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Maybe Lagoona or Draculaura would start dating Jackson, cuz they're both heartbroken right now.

Or maybe he could be single? That might be an option. I mean, there's more to him then just 'Love Interest for one of the girls'.

Yeah, I mostly have this stance because I'm pretty sure he and Draculaura is over. And I'm not a fan of pairing everyone off.

I forgot to mention or be single like Clawdeen and Frankie. I meant to though.
Oh, that's scary. it's bad enough they included the glitterati and made Jackson dress like in the books, but a Melody doll.....Really, i hope she stays mad at Clawd, but that'll probably only happen in a perfect world....Meh.


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