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It's that time to trade again :D DOTD, Nefera, Holt etc..

Hi!! here are some dolls/FP  up for trade :

and my wishlist:

>Zombie Shake Rochelle and Venus

>Zombie Shake Twins

>Nathan Rot


>Mannytaur and Iris - PRIORITY TRADE

>I <3 fashion Venus

>Avea Trotter

>Sirena Von Boo

>Bonita Femur

>i<3 fashion Weberella

>Frankie Jackson Picnic Casket

>Ghoul Sports Toralei

>Ghouls Rule Clawdeen

>Draculaura Diener - Clothes

>Picture Day Operetta - Clothes

>Black Carpet Operetta - Clothes

EAH Wishlist but not priority:

>Dexter Charming

>Blondie Locks

>Maddie MadHatter

>Cerise Hood

>Cedar Wood

>Holly and Poppy O'hair

>Cupid Throne Coming

just shoot me a FR and PM and I would gladly answer your questions? LOL

c'mon don't be shy :D :D

P.S I'm in New Zealand

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Hi, I am going to add and pm you. :)

Hey, what do you have left? Im very interested in all the dolls, expect Slo Mo.  :)

Sending a FR :)


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