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The reboot dolls are finally being dispersed. At HEB (a Texas grocery chain) they had all the budget dolls except Clawdeen. I'm actually not that upset? They're cute. I bought them all twice so I could keep them boxed and take them out. I'm not missing out on the originals in the reboot like
I did the first time. Check them out in the image!

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I'm really anxious to see what will happen to the ghouls who have not had a rebooted doll yet and how much they'll have changed.

these dolls have hit Amazon!

what concerns me is that only Cleo, Frankie and Ula are listed, suggesting they're shipping in a case 2/2/2

Which raises the question: WHERE THE HELL IS CLAWDEEN!??

I'm worried, are Mattel pulling an MGA and shipping the black girl in her own case now?

MGA for some reason gets away with being racist douchebags, but Mattel has a much bigger market share and a lot more critics. I cannot see shipping the ONE black character separate or worse, excluding her going down well at all.

We already knew Lagoona wasn't getting a super budget release but she's often excluded from the lineup, she's not been part of the main group since well.. 2013 it seems. But i'm deeply concerned that Clawdeen is absent from the first wave of cases hitting.

It makes me very uneasy about how easy it's going to be actually find her dolls if this is the trend they're setting. If they start shipping cases the way MGA ships their dolls, it means no Clawdeens in the UK and I will freaking BURN STUFF if Mattel deprive me my Clawdeens.

Another one of Mattel's incomprehensible mystery...

Or mattel decided they didn't like being inclusive and screw black chicks? Either way, i'm not impressed. Damnit Mattel, where's Clawdeen? rargh.

I hope they wouldn't have the balls to do such a stupid move. Otherwise, there might be ghouls from other ethnicities that go missing too. I wonder what goes on in the mind of TPTB at Mattel sometimes.

I also noted Clawdeen was absent most places with the last basic dolls with jointless arms. Everyone had Draculaura, Frankie and Gigi but Clawdeen was just random luck. It's weird.

It's deeply concerning. You cannot as a big company just exclude the ethnically coded one, you're a big company and it's your responsibility to provide representation for kids. It's not just about little girls who have dark skin having a character who looks like them, it's about little white kids having a doll that looks like their friends, a little kid in general seeing characters who aren't white hanging out with white characters and being beautiful to tell them "ALL skin tones are gorgeous and everyone is equal."

It's irresponsible to remove her from assortments, irresponsible and extremely disappointing as Mattel SHOULD know better.

I may send them an email later on. I already sent MGA one about their segregation of Sasha but they're ignoring me. I don't think they like the term "dolly apartheid" but that's basically what they're doing with putting her in a separate box. It's like she's not ALLOWED to mix with the other characters, she has to be in her very own "colours" box and you can see why that's such a problem.

The business reasons be damned, if you create a darker skinned character, as a big company it's your damn responsibility to distribute them correctly, equally and fairly. You have an obligation, otherwise you're just pandering to racists and just as bad as them.

You just cannot do it.

And Mattel had been doing so well with diversity with the fashionistas. Hmm.


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