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The reboot dolls are finally being dispersed. At HEB (a Texas grocery chain) they had all the budget dolls except Clawdeen. I'm actually not that upset? They're cute. I bought them all twice so I could keep them boxed and take them out. I'm not missing out on the originals in the reboot like
I did the first time. Check them out in the image!

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The Draculaura is kind of cute. I wonder if the art on the boxes was made before they switched from Frankie to Draculaura as the main character.

I have no idea. But I love Cleo's mummy molding. Draculaura actually has a nicer face mold. Their bodies are really any thicker than any other MH doll. I just wish I could've gotten Clawdeen. For some reason she's always the last one to get out there on these budget lines.

Hate the static bodies, but ula's face looks a lot less creepy in this version and Cleo's blue streaks are really nice.

Love to see pics of them nude alongside the original MH bodies, to see any differences.

I like these!! I saw photos of the mega budget dolls and don't care for those, but these are cute!! I will have to get all 3 of these and Clawdeen if she ever shows up! :)

All clothes fit just fine! And the arms only static on budget dolls, just like before. Shriek Wrecked and other actual lines will have joints. But they're so much cuter in person! This really isn't an awful thing. I'll get nude side by side pics asap!
Okay guys! I took nude pics of Draculaura and the reboot side by side as well as the reboot of Cleo. First of all, Cleo's molded bandages are awesome and extremely detailed. But to the point - there is literally no difference in body type except a very (and I mean VERY!) slight enlargement of the hips in the reboot. It's not enough to notice, and it's certainly not enough to cause issues with old clothing. As you can see I put Scarnival Draculaura's dress on the reboot with absolute ease and with the usual room to spare.

Cleo's body looks cool, it'll look awesome with a little colour wash over it to pick out all the detail and differentiate it from the skin.

They do look slightly thicker, particularly the hips and thighs. Interesting. But looks like compatability shouldn't be a problem. That is a relief.

While I think the older faces have a little more personality to them, I do look forward to getting a fully articulated Cleo and Clawdeen for that new moulded detail. I think painting Cleo's bandages is going to be really fun. Heheh.

Don't worry! The new clothes fit the original dolls perfectly. I attached a pic of Old Draculaura in reboot Draculaura's dress. I know it's hard to tell my looking, but it fits very snugly like any other dress and there is no give at all for the shoulder strap to slip down. Bottom line is the clothes 100 percent universal.

Thanks, Sammy!  I'm not a fan of the shorter, squatter torsos, though ... do they have less of an arch than the originals?  I'm curious to see if this is a feature of the non-articulated dolls specifically or if the new torsos will be featured on all upcoming reboot dolls.

They are still not gonna break my neck (or wallet) to be a completist like i originally was..i do think Cleo & Frankie's dresses are way to similar to each other....but somone mentioned that Draculaura's face was'nt as creepy.....i never thought hers or anyone else's was to begin with. Hopefully they arnt going to make every future doll line all pretty, pink, princessed out. Im still not crazy about the wider eyes, but really i cant judge them til i see them in person. I have seen pics of the very VERY budgeted  dolls & those are absolutely  HORRIBLE! !!! I wouldnt buy my worse enemy one of those. Bleah!!! So these are definitely better.

Like i said before i'll be definitely be getting the fully articulated reboot dolls

these are cute though 

thanks Sammy! I was worried about the outfits fitting, now I can get some of the new Cleo fashion packs as my Cleos are in need of clothes and I missed out on the ILF set. Hope they make new fashion sets for Rochelle too as she really needs more clothes as well.


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