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I know it's a little random, but to all MH collectors that own this set, do you think it's worth its price: $20+ on average? I like the whole idea of my dolls being able to shower ( k that sounds kinda creepy lol), but is it even a good fit for MH dolls? Can they actually stand inside it? Is it cheap junk? Top notch quality? Somewhere in between? What do you all think of it and are you satisfied with it? Any complaints? Share your thoughts!


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My little sister received one for her birthday. I like it. The mirror and chair almost makes me want to buy one for myself. I love the tentacles. d: Oh, and yes, a doll can fit and stand inside the shower.

It's pricey, but it's very detailed.

I think its good. My daughter likes it and its cool for Lagoona to have something to display in. I am in the process of building a huge 7 bedroom Monster high doll house, I will post pics when its done, and its nice to have any new pieces that can be put in the doll house. So the Lagoona bathroom was definitely a welcomed addition. It doesn't feel cheap or lacking really. Maybe it could have come with another accessory or too. It just has the purple puff and 2 shampoo/soap bottles. You can fit a doll in the shower, although its a little tight. Lagoona can stand in it without falling because there is a stand that locks into the shower base and holds up the doll. Its the same transparent light green bubble stand that came with the hydration station, I believe.

All in all I recommend it and it is a fair deal at a minimum.

Why one dollar?they have as much detail as Lagoonas shower.

Justin said:

I really want Lagoona's playset, but I'm disappointed it's a shower.

I have Frankie's playset which I love and was well worth the $20.

I suppose, compared to Spectra and Abbey's beds (which should be $1), that $20 for Lagoona's shower is a fair price.

Hated it at first but IRL it was amazing, nice backdrop so you still can have pieces attached to the back and pose lagoona nicely, colours match her dt w 3 great!!!!

i wish they would have given Lagoona something else than a shower...i mean they released her hydration station and then her me they are too similar...they should have done her bed...unless her hydration station is what she sleeps the hydration station her bed? Hmmmmmm


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