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last few times I've gone to walmart I've noticed their monster high section has been dramatically reduced to the point where they just have a few of the budget reboot dolls and nothing else really

actual discussion about monster high has also decreased a lot and with it being so long since the last actual Movie Aired[Electrified]  I'm convinced Mattel's shutting down monster high in the near future

last year monster high finally reappeared in a kids meal after a brief hiatus but it was at burger king and only like 3-4 toys...(which were just accessories instead of mini dolls like i always thought should be for kids meals)

it's hard looking at my older monster high stuff like originals clawdeen or elissabat or even scaris catrine demew

and then looking at my reboot dolls which i continued to get here and there because i still liked monster high but accepted that the quality would never be as it once was

now  i can't even look at the reboot stuff because it's practiclaly non existent where i shop....

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It's beyond it's last leg, it's on life support. UK stores have already given up and stopped ordering new stuff in. I expect by christmas all stock in the US will have dried up too.

Mattel seemed to really sabotage themselves here and I don't get why.

who knows, I thought EAH was dead and then they make those sort of ok cute sweet desserts themed dolls.

The sweet-themed dolls are just scraps and leftovers. Mattel is just milking it for all its worth.

EAH is done. So it MH.

I don't think it has any legs left. 

I think it's way dead in the water, especially here I don't think we will ever see a single new release here ever, it's sad but they did it to themselves for some reason. 

still they should have ended things better, let it die gracefully and end on a high but it's way to late, or go away then revive it in a few year but I don't know if that would work either.

Soon enough it's gonna be like EAH where the last 2 years their releases can only be found online 

MH is beyond its last leg. It's been in a deep coma for nearly 2 years in a few weeks. It is clinically brain dead, and hooked up on a respiratory machine. Unless they come forward with G3, and bring the franchise back to its former G1 glory (while correcting a few faults from G1, and everything that is wrong with G2), they should just have mercy on the brand and put it out of its misery by pulling the plug.

I would say it is. There is no Monster High at the Toy Fair this year, so I would say it is a goner. It really is depressing to go into the stores now, and see a very small selection. My TRU hardly has anything at all now. It is sad the way Mattel destroyed such a great line with their stupid reboot. :(

It looks like it. It is so sad...but we never know. They might keep Monster High on a low note for a while and invest more in it later.

Not likely. If anything, they'll probably release some gimmicky, low-budget stuff just to milk the brand some more, but this is really the end of MH. That's just how Mattel is with their products.

You are probably right. They are a ruthless corporation. Their products and their staff are expendable.

It really does not look good. Nothing new in the shops here. The MH dolls don't even sell on clearance in the closing down Toys R Us Sale. All the dolls shelves are empty except for MH (especially kala Meri who is the biggest shelf sitter I have ever seen. I will buy her eventually, can't stand to see her sitting there).

It is so depressing.

Monster High will always be my favourite doll line whatever its fate.

It's time to face the facts. Mattel kicked both MH and EAH to the curb, and they'll be forgotten like MyScene very soon. I'm not surprised since the quality and details of the reboots were weak and lackluster, even Barbie looks cheap now. Mattel just doesn't care about their dolls. For a long time, they've been very business-driven and only care about money. 


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