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Is it normal to scam people here and just change your name like Meow Meow MH

Just wondering if this is normal practices? Getting concerned that scammers in the bst section can remain active by changing screen names instead of having their accounts and email addresses blocked?

What are your thoughts?

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My worry is that people who try to trade and are hell bent on getting something from you try to slander you as a scammer. Even worse, after this is done publicly, with people who are backing you up and you report it to the moderators, the moderator let's this person keep posting while your reputation is tarnished on site.

It can go both ways.
Very good point. I can see it gong both ways. If it saves someone from doing a trade With them in the future and not getting scammed it is totally worth it to help out one person

Honestly, common sense needs to prevail here.

Scams will happen, problems will arise if you do direct trades. There's just no protection, it's far too easy to get conned.

Don't do TRADES, always always use something like Paypal to buy stuff, that way you have protection if something goes wrong.

Sadly, as it stands, the system in place here is massively open to abuse and will continue to do so as long as there's people who insist upon taking such risks.


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