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There are several internet postings describing how Isi seems to be an affront to Native American culture.  While I am not familiar with the different tribes and cultures of Indigenous/Native America, I was personally happy to see Native American legend represented, and she has quickly become one of my favorites, but, arguably, this design and concept amalgamation is regarded as an insult and disgrace.  

Has any other Monster High character received this kind of backlash?  What will it mean for Isi's future?  

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How ridiculously stupid. The Wolves are supposed to represent a black family as well. Lagoona is Australian. Skelita is Mexican. I could go on and on. This is a stupid complaint which can't exist without tearing down the entire line.

ummmmmmmm there's a difference between race and culture....

all of your replies to threads and/or threads have been negative

and as tea said their is a difference between race and culture 

Like anything, it'll blow over. People always have things to complain about... ugh

This reminds me of the redskin sports team issue i think it's the same deal someone creates something that supposed to celebrate native American culture and it's taken as an insult.  Hopefully I'll blow over.

how is a slur celebratory in any way?

I'm half.......I'm just really offended by her eye sore outfit ;)

She's a doll from an IMAGINARY Native MONSTER tribe. She's a fairy tale creature, a deer spirit, some kind of shape shifter apparently. She's not meant to be a human Native person from a particular tribe. If she was I might be a lot more picky, but she's not and I'm really tired of every single toy out there being picked apart over how politically correct it is being made. No toy company can please everyone. It's impossible.

Over the years Mattel has actually done some beautiful NA Barbies. No, their representations weren't always 100% PC correct but THEY TRIED. I have hundreds of dolls by Mattel and the palette of skin tones is amazing when you put them together. People who say Mattel hasn't tried to represent people of color they're not looking very hard. Since the 60's Mattel has made many dolls of color. In fact made them when most other doll companies did not. They should be lauded for that. But nothing they do is ever enough apparently.

I must admit she doesn't do much for me, but none of the new students particularly got me. I'm buying one or two usually from each wave. I don't buy them all. Some do it for me, some don't. I don't particularly dig her, but I don't find her particularly offensive either.

"People who say Mattel hasn't tried to represent people of color they're not looking very hard."

Its pretty hard to see the different representation when flooded by a sea of pink, blonde, and stupid.

Personally, I see this as an opportunity to educate rather than complain or deride - as in 'thank you for including our general culture in your canon ... it may interest you to know that this design is actually an amalgamation of differing Native American tribes ...."  One post referred to "stupid white hippies" and their misconceptions about Native American culture, which isn't constructive.  

I guess it's the difference between pointing at someone making a mistake, screaming "you suck!" ... and offering that person support and assistance in making the better choice. 

I think it's a legit complaint. Asking people not to get mad over their oppression is ridiculous. I think they should have had a Native American help design the doll like they did with Skelita. Plus, there's already so much info out there, people should know this by now. It's not like it's some obscure issue that's not constantly talked about.

I don't think it's about asking people not to get mad regarding their oppression; for me, it's about asking people to be constructive with their anger.  I was not aware of this issue with Isi's design until people spoke up about it and it is a valid point and something to learn from, but I don't think spreading vitriol about "stupid white hippies" is going to make tangible improvements to the situation.  I guess I'll just never understand how racism can be fought with racism.


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