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source:                   I don't know how I feel about like of him faded when they changed his hair/artwork and when I saw his face mold I liked him even less , but these pictures I think make me like him better. his hair doesn't look as bad as in the promo pics so that's a plus, but there's just something not quite right with his face to me.                               

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aww i LOVE him.. I thinka smiling mold could have been fun though.. I like his trickter art work :)

 He is a CUTE doll and I TOTALLY intent to get at least 1 of him!

His face reminds me of Heath's a lot for some reason, and it's also kinda flat. He totally needs a haircut as well, he looks waaaay too unkempt for my taste. Why did they have to change his hair? Just so that girls can have more hair to brush or something?

I also remember how people thought his beanie would be plastic. Ha.

Generally I like him.

I think he's absolutely adorable and I WANT HIM. He has guaged ears (thank goodness they kept that I was worried), the long hair I kinda like because boys with long hair? Not commonly seen with dolls.

I also like that he seems to fade to a kinda blue rather than clear, sets him apart from Spectra and the other ghosts. I need hiim... immediately.

I like him. His doll looks younger and somewhat sweeter than his artwork, but no biggy. I really like him, and he's on my wishlist :)

Very cute face, love the clothes too. I so want both Billy and the Mansters- I can't wait for them :)

I love the detail they put into his design!!! Finally after so many disappointing boy outfits we actually get one with some style again. Honestly Heaths was okay and so was picnic casket Jackson but at the same time they werent nearly as cool. I love that he actually has accessories like a bracelet and watch, belt and necklace and a HAT!!! Still think the entire outfit would have been better with pants but the shorts show off his leg details.

I WILL have him :-) <3

NOT available just yet, but up on the target website now. Thou shall bookmark this page! Especially since I don't see this one on nowinstock just yet.

Let the cyber-stalking begin!

Thought I'd share one more out of box pic of Billy...


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