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Hey there Everyone! 
I hate that I have taken so long to post this and introduce myself to all of you - my fellow Ghoul Fans. That being said... I am honored to be a part and so happy to see that there is some recent activity given the complete destruction of the brand that I hold so very dear to my coal black heart. 
I am from Texas and will be turning 40 this year... yet I am a proud "Little" on the inside! Other than Monster High, my other love is My Little Pony as I was a Gen 1 kid. Sadly I think the same thing is happening to that brand as well- guess we will wait and see. 

Some Frankie history for you. I was 5’9 in the third grade eventually leveling out to 5'11 before I was out of elementary school. As you can imagine, the teasing was INSATIABLE and kids are cruel (a whole other soapbox that ironically has a connection with this situation in a way) and one of the names that I was called back then was Frankie Stein. I have a thick skin, but down inside- this tore at me. I hated my name, I hated my height and I HATED how I was being regarded as a monster. People already would jerk away if I touched them because of my circulation/heart condition which causes ice cold hands. I knew that the temp difference was shocking and why they would react, but it still causes a feeling of “What is wrong with me?” as a child. Pair that with the Frankie Stein teasing and you have a dark place of disdain that has stayed with me until I discovered this line of dolls. I embraced Frankie Stein because dangit, she is AWESOME! It healed that hurt in a way and came into my life in a time that I desperately needed it. THEN I watched one of the movies and was blown away. The message that they delivered was all of the things that I think kids need to hear, especially little girls. They reiterated that it is important to embrace WHO YOU ARE and not WHO YOU ARE TOLD TO BE, to love your flaws and differences and be kind to everyone for who THEY are. 
Anyway, its up to us to keep them alive at this point and I accept that challenge whole heart-idly! 

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Hi! I love your story. you're so strong! Welcome to the site! :D

Thank you so much! 
I think that we are ALL strong, but only after we all experience weakness in one way or another! 

The only thing that I REALLY know is that I know nothing... But, I do love to learn.

Oh, and be crazy. I own that shiz. Hehehe! 

I love everything you said!

Hi Frankie, welcome to Monster High Dolls! ;-)

Thanks Tula! 
Sorry for the late reply! 

Hello, FrankieLaurel,

Thanks for sharing your story. I am very close to your age, and I also relate to Frankie Stein, and, to some degree, Robecca Steam, but for different reasons. I was actually born with a few conditions, the most sad of which wasn't discovered until I had just turned 30.

I was born with a heart condition, and so, after many surgeries, I can relate to Frankie Stein, in that I have constantly been stitched back together.

I was always the opposite of you, though, in that I always looked super, super young and small for my age, due to the condition that wasn't discovered until I was 30.

My relationship with the concept of Frankie Stein is sort of a bitter one, as I have never forgotten the fact that I was not supposed to survive; the doctors threatened to take my parents to court if they didn't agree to my first surgery, and all of the experimental heart techniques of the late 70s, the 80s, the 90s, and beyond have been utilized in order to keep repairing me. I was slow on the uptake to realize that I can't always behave like everyone else / extra fat doesn't keep a heart patient warm, etc.

I feel badly for you, with regard to your school experiences, because I wasn't treated well during school, either. Ironically, my high school years were just about pettiness, but my elementary school and Jr. High experiences were BAD! I was repeatedly dragged into the Boys' Bathroom, and the door was held shut while I screamed. In Jr. High, it was the largest bully in my Year Round class threatening to beat me up each day.

My family and I got the good old, "You have a monkey heart, right?" /  "We can't come to your Birthday party." (I spent more childhood Birthdays alone) / "Your daughter is too immature for MY kid." routine when I was growing up. I literally played with my Barbie dolls in a cat bed....alone....

All of that having been said (Sorry for the rant....), I actually rejected MH when it was first released, and it was only when I was in a really bad place during 2016 that I finally took a real interest in the dolls. My family had been against them from the start, so their attitude sort of colored my opinions about them, but when I decided to become really familiar with the doll line, I fell in love with it, starting my collection with Mouscedes King....and the "Boo York, Boo York" movie, since I love musicals!

Well, I hope that you like it here, and I'm as sorry as you are that Mattel is trashing the heck out of the Monster High franchise. Even the re-boot wasn't as bad as seeing almost NO dolls on the shelves. I hope that there might be a way to convince Mattel to avoid leaving Monster High behind.

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