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Not sure if anyone's brought this up yet, but I found something very, very interesting on the Amazon page for Ari Hauntington's singing doll:;*Version*=1&*entries*=0

According to the description, "a new side of Spectra Vondergeist emerges. Capture the story and imaginations with a spooktacular Spectra Vondergeist doll...Spectra Vondergeist doll is boo-tiful in the bohemian performance outfit from the film..." amongst other things.

This, for all I know, could easily be an error, but this is a very odd and interesting potential. What if "Ari" is the alter-ego of Spectra, her popstar name while she lives a normal life as Spectra? This doesn't explain her sudden interest in pop music, but surely if this was all false, why would the description mention Spectra at all? It does explain why the two look so similar.

If this is true, this of course means that Spectra has not been discontinued, albeit heavily redesigned. 

What do you think of this?

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It could just be that she was SUPPOSED to be Spectra and some genius decided to make her a new almost completely identical character just with a music theme now.

Original promos for MH named Clawdeen "Howleen" for instance, a name they later reused but even so... names changing during production is nothing new. Changing a whole character however? Well, given how much this reboot seems determined to piss off and alienate the whole original fanbase.. I actually wouldn't put that past Mattel.

I don't get it. WHY do they want to alienate their original fans? Is our money not good any more?

Laughing so hard at the idea of Arri Montannah. Hopefully just a mistake, hah.

That's exactly what I thought of when I heard it - Mattel must be getting pretty desperate to rehash the old 'popstar double life' plot again.

i know this a little off topic but i bet you all my coins that ari hauntington is based off ariana grande

I'll join you in the betting. 

Wasn't Spectra's old name Spectra Von Hauntington?

Yet another reason to dislike the stupid reboot if it's true.  Let's just rehash the pop star secret life of a student.  She looks quite similar to Spectra, but too different to truly be her.  I just assumed we'd see Spectra later, as Ghoulia and a few others are supposedly confirmed but we haven't seen their dolls yet.  And here I was going to at least give the rebooted specials a chance.


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