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Okay so  this r.p is about normies/humans taking over the monster's homes.So basically the entire world was besieged by humans the day before the present day in this rp , and now they control EVERYTHING.All monsters are either killed, jailed,in hiding, or working hard labor in return for VERY little pay that eventually might just pay for their freedom.All common to rules apply although I have 2 extra rules : 1. Please use proper grammar 2. DO NOT ASK TO JOIN just join. Finally I will be rping as Nixie.

Let's start


(Nixie pov obviously)

I shivered in the freezing cold , hiding behind an old , rundown building.I see the poor monsters running from their old homes , now burning , separated from loved ones.Or the ones like me , running , shivering in the cold hiding from the humans , now our greatest enemy.Then I see it , a small group of apparently normal humans , except after closer examination , one would notice each carried a large gun , and their clothes were bulked by bulletproof armor.Then hell broke loose , guards and monsters were everywhere, a flood of people surrounding me. Then the screams came, horrifying and shrill , an exclamation of utter terror, deafening me . Disoriented , I stumbled into the nearest abandoned building and hide , fearing  for my life....( Just join in!) 

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((I'll be Mourir and Tatakai ^^ If you want pictures, just ask. Tatakai's PoV~))

     I drag the broken scientist around the corner of a rundown building, clutching a katana in my hand. Breathing heavily, I peer around the edge of the brick wall and watch the humans roam our once perfectly paved streets, who were chatting and attacking any monster that crosses their path. I glance at Mourir as he sits on the dirty cement, his deceased wife's skull in his hands,  murmuring to himself. I look back at the approaching humans and grab Mourir's arm, pulling him around the building. With our backs against the wall, I wait for the sound of the humans' footsteps to fade away.

     I glare at Mourir and snarl, "How are you so calm!?"

Out of the smeared , cracked, window of the building I notice to monsters , seemingly unnoticed by the humans . Trying to help I scratch " Monsters Welcome" clearly in the dust coating the window.After doing so , I quickly duck down in an effort to remain unseen.

Mourir ignores me, as usual. I hear a scratching noise and turn my head sharply, my hair whipping behind me, and notice that someone wrote, "Monsters welcome," on a window. I nudge the scientist's arm and we go towards the building. Twisting the cracked doorknob, I open the somewhat creaky door and step inside.

"...Hello?" I call out, biting my lip. Is this a trick? Are the humans inside this building?

"No , now keep your voice down . I'm Nixie," I wispher , standing up as eyes glow in the dim room.

I jump at the sound of the voice and step away from the door to let Mourir in. Closing the door behind him, I glare into the darkness.

"Nixie? Never heard of you. You're not a human?" I whisper cautiously, keeping a hand on the doorknob.

" Trust me I'm no human I'm a rusalka ," She replied as her teeth sharpened into fangs . " So what happened to you at the start or all this?" She asked glancing back at the window to check for humans. 

I slowly take my hand off of the doorknob, still nervous. Mourir, as usual, is perfectly calm. He acts as if humans invading our town is an every day activity.

"I've been on the run for a while. My house was one of the first to be targeted. Someone lit it on fire while I was in it, and a few ran in to try and find me. I escaped out of a window, but they've been searching for me ever since. I've heard them call me "the runner" once. Trust me, this isn't fun. I feel like a criminal," I reply, shrugging. "I honestly don't know how Mourir's day went. He hasn't spoken since the humans came."

" I'm not sure how I feel about this , not good. But not really that bad as a little girl I was trained to kill and or drown humans, so this isn't to morally wrong for me." Nixie said putting pitying Mourir.

I nod quietly, peering out the window and searching for more humans. I erase the message on the dusty window with my sleeve. It was basically a human magnet.

"Thanks I was stupid not to erase that." Nixie muttered, embarrassed.

I almost agreed, but realized that it sounded rude. I sit on the floor and kick off my sandals, looking around the room. Old, dusty furniture litters the old room. The lights don't work, and cobwebs cover everything. I sigh softly, brushing my dark hair out of my eyes. What now?

"Shhh quiet . Do you hear that?" Nixie hissed, her skin now covered in scales and her nails claws , as she ducked down near the moldy wooden floor as human footsteps echoed from outside.


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