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Hybrid ghouls (Freaky Fusion Deluxe) pictures and sightings thread

Edit:  With these Ghouls starting to hit shelves, please use this thread to post your sightings and new pictures!


The source indicates they'll be out June/July-ish.

Sirena looks like she may glow in the dark.

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On a hunt today I saw Sirena, Avea & Bonita at 2 (of 3) Targets in the Toledo, Ohio area.  (Had already ordered & received them from Amazon--was looking for Billy)

Justice at the Wyoming Valley Mall in Wilkes-Barre, PA had Bonita and Avea as well as LagoonaFire, DracuBecca, CleoLei and ClawVenus. There were three DracuBeccas and one each of the others. I already have CleoLei and wasn't interested in the others so I left them.

Toys R Us website has a Back to School Ad that has a $5 off coupon on the Hybrid Freaky Fusion dolls starting 6/27, today.  Bringing price down to $19.99.

Found them! They were at Greathills Toys R us, Austin, Texas. They had the hybrids and fused ghouls.

I just came home from a Toys R Us' in TN with Dracubecca and I am SOOOOOO excited :-) She is GORE-geous in person!!!

They had one Lagoonafire, one Cleolei and one Clawvenus. I got the only Dracubecca.

They did, however, have plenty of the 3 "new" hybrid ghouls.


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