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Hybrid ghouls (Freaky Fusion Deluxe) pictures and sightings thread

Edit:  With these Ghouls starting to hit shelves, please use this thread to post your sightings and new pictures!


The source indicates they'll be out June/July-ish.

Sirena looks like she may glow in the dark.

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Well not putting them out when other stores has does nothing more than lose you sales, I mean it's simple basic economics right there. You don't have something someone else does, people go buy from someone else. Duh.

Tru are idiots.

Funny you should mention Catty Noir. I remember that with her it was the same scenario. She got put out on shelves early but then at the register, they wouldn't sell her saying there was a certain release date. But then, when everyone showed up on that date, they had none left and said they decided to put her out a few days before because all the other stores were already selling her. FAIL!

And I saw another case of Zombie Shake on the shelves of the local TRU today. I handed them to the nearest employee while explaining the release date, and expressed my hope that mine were still on hold. He said Yeah, he had seen mine in the manager's office, so that means they shipped out another case of them, even though they couldn't sell the first shipment! It makes ZERO sense, but if they keep getting shipments at this rate, at least there will be plenty to choose from by June 1st. LOL

But I still love TRU! I just don't understand them at the moment. :)

Oh, and to the actual topic of this thread :D NO FREAKY FUSION IN NORCAL YET AT TRU THAT I CAN SEE. Hopefully this week though!

Operetta Fan said:

purple - my only guess is that TRU is trying to move other stock and/or have some sort of sale or advertisement happening around that time - so they want to try to have the product on shelves to match their advertisements.

As far as I know, the 'do not sell' date is completely within TRU's systems. I've not seen a ZS shipper box, to confirm, but many managers seem to not bother and sell them anyway. The only timed exclusives with "hard" release dates have been the Friday the 13th exclusives - Skull Shores Frankie and Catty Noir. (not counting SDCC exclusives). And even then - many stores still ignored the release dates and put them out early.

Either TRU has a sale on Zombie Shake starting on the first and that's why they've got a shelf date, or those boxes were mislabeled.  All three TRU near me have Zombie Shake on the shelves.

Thanks. I am aware that you are aware, I was merely using my own experience in So Cal as that is where I live.
I was denied purchasing Zombie Shake because of that date. I was also denied purchasing Freaky Fusion with the same explanation from the store - which was an outright lie.

purple_monkfish said:

I'm aware of this Gimmie, I was speaking in reference to the zombie shake. And it doesn't seem to just be sourthern cal, it looks like ALL trus across the country decided to ignore instructions and stock shelves with cases of something they claim they shouldn't then sell. Which is ridiculous, how can they even do that? Surely the boxes have a security thing on them saying "don't open till june 1st" you know? like those video games, dvds and books that come in sealed boxes with big "confidential" stickers all over. If they didn't, tru need to rethink their labelling of boxes.

Yea!  I got Avea and Sarina!

Thank you!


Azteca said:

Thanks so much for the TRU tip. I have my order in, hope to see these dolls in person soon!

Im in shock! I went to TRU to buy Maleficent dolls & found 2 each of the hybrids! Im surpised the scammers didnt get to them! I guess theyre too busy scalping Frozen toys these days, lol.


I bought Avea & Sirena & was gonna buy a 2nd Avea but I also picked up a Maleficent 2 pack on sale & ran outta money. Great doll day today! :D


btw I am in Miami Fl...

edit: oh & they also had the Zombie Shakes, but they didnt really appeal to me...

Wilkes-Barre, PA TRU has the label out on the shelf for them, but the space was completely empty. I guess they either sold out really fast since the last time I was there or scalpers have struck. I'm hoping they'll have them next week when I get paid since I really want to pick up a Sirena. 

Anyone know the availability of these per box?  

Yes, there are 2 per box. They had to bring a new box from the back today at TRU.

Judging by the label on the shelf today, 5/27, might be te release day

Hii i found the three main hybrids as TRU in Brockton MA i got all three and they were the last of them


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