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This picture was found on taobao.

She is gorgeous as always! Can't wait to get my hands on this!!! <3

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This Cleo is defiantly a beauty, and I do love her. Now I am not a collector of the play sets,  so sadly I will most likely skip on her all together. I have a thing for out of box dolls lol. We shall see once I see her in person. 

3 Cleo swim dolls? (and 3 Drac, 3 Frankies, 2 Clawdeens, 2 Ghoulia, and 2 Lagoona) She is gorgeous but would be nice to see swim dolls for some others like Howleen, Operetta, Rochelle, Robecca, some boys, etc.

We like this set and will be getting it, just wish it could accommodate more dolls or that they will make some kind of larger pool and/or beach set as all our dolls have to hang out in Barbie's pool and tiki set. ;)


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