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So I guess I'm kinda a new collecter....So I just bought my first few monsters, and they're out of the packet, now on display on top of my dresser/on bookshelf....yes, quite cramped, might need an amoire to store the Bratz: The question is IN BOX OR OUT BOX?

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Ok, well not really ''a few'' 

I'm a sucker for toys and shiny things, so as a result I find it really hard to keep things in their original boxes. I'm also a customiser so it sort of cinches the deal for me.

My vote is: OUT OF THE BOX! 

Well, for me, the answer totally is "OUT OF BOX". I might be a little kid inside, because I think that if I keep them in box they are "trapped", somehow, while when they are ot they are happy and they can shine :D Plus, you can pose them however you want, and can take pictures with them.

Mine are still in the box because I like the way they are packaged and posed.
I like them out cause I love looking at them closely, brushing their hair, posing them, etc.

my daughters likes all out of box.

well they are dolls and as such should be played with.

Definitely out of the box! I love mix and matching their outfits, giving them new hairstyles and changing up my display of them in my office. Haha I'm just a big kid at heart! :)
Out of the box for me! It takes up less space, and they're so fun to play with! If I had a good enough camera, I would totally take couple shots of my MH OTPs. XD

Mine are all in box- I have a stupid amount of dolls that due to my apartment size, i dont have room to display them- so i buy them, and put them in boxes. Not fun, and i can't walk in my closet.
But all the accessories are there, and when i get ready to pack's EASY.


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