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I had high hopes for Getting Ghostly Spectra. When I saw pictures of her on the net, her chains seemed to have a shiny sheen to them that previous Spectra dolls' chains had lacked. Now, while I do believe they were improved upon I decided to improve on them further. The chains next to the spray paint I used are from the Dot Dead Gorgeous Spectra. It was a VERY distinct difference. Below that are the pictures of Getting Ghostly Spectra's boots and (for lack of a better idea what to call it) "Chain Corset" after the spray as well. I let this paint dry for several days due to the fact that even though it dried quickly, it had a "gummy" feel to it and if pressed hard enough would be printed with the image of my fingerprints.

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nice! they look much better now!

All dolls and accessories are made of different types of plastics and vinyls.  If the item you are trying to paint is hard plastic and doesn't move when flexed, you can use acrylic paint, spray paint, or model plastic paint.  If the item you are painting is slightly "rubbery" and flexes (like doll shoes), and you use these paints, it will never "dry" and remain permanently sticky.  They only paint I've found that will work on these pieces is Tamiya Acrylic paints.  They are available at scale model hobby stores (not Hobby Lobby or Michael's), or you can order them online.  They come in a large variety of colors, and you can mix them together to make your own shades.  They can also be painted on with a brush or used in an airbrush.

I wanted to make Spectra's arms and legs solid white instead of transparent.  Her legs were not a problem, because they are hard molded plastic.  I used Krylon spray paint for plastics in gloss white on them, but her forearms and hands are made of flexible vinyl so I used the Tamiya paint on them with success.  The finish came out smooth and glossy, and actually dried properly without that permanent "sticky" surface other paints leave.  After using the Tamiya paint, you can even use other paints of your choice on top of it and it will dry properly as it acts like a primer. After, I used a clear gloss spray to seal it.  Good luck with your project!

oh thanks for the tips about the Tamiya paint. Im always worried about stuff I paint reacting badly to the acrylics I use. I usually dont paint rubbery plastic things though b/c I figure if they can bend the paint will eventually crack or peel off, but its good to know there is a paint that works for them.


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