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Im looking to buy or trade for a Dawn of the Dance Draculaura

Hi, I'm looking to trade or buy a Dawn of the Dance Draculaura

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I just bought one on ebay. Looks pretty complete. The hat MAY be missing,,, Im waiting to hear back from the seller about it.

thank you I will check there, how much are they going for?

It depends, are you looking for a complete one? I didnt see any complete ones at the moment. I bought it because it came with a couple other dolls and to possibly trade. Let me know if your interested

I might consider trading my DOTD Draculaura, not sure. She's complete, all accessories. 

;~; Actually, no. I take that back. I love her too much. Dx She just gave me a look saying "please don't give me away".

No worries I have dolls that say that to me too! :)


I have a dotd draculaura but she's not complete. Talk a look at my most recent thread. 

thank you for the message, are there any monsters I am selling that you would want to trade her for? I have 65 or so.




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