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If you were to buy a Doll for a Scalper's Price which would it be?

I'm going to go off a say that SDCC exclusives don't count in this case due to their rarity in general. This only goes for any doll that has been widely released ever, even those not being produced anymore. You can say one that's out now and one that is no longer being made if you choose. Do this however you want really. It's not imply that you are ever going to buy from a scalper, this is just more of a how desperate you may be for a certain doll.

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Basic Lagoona. I look on eBay quite often but I never find ones that are complete with jewellery + hairclip, or the right shoes. I'd love one to pose with my 13W Lagoona. D:

As of now it would have to be Viperine or FCA Operetta...I did pay scalpers price for Basic Abbey...It had been almost a year after her release and no matter how hard i tried and no matter how many stores i searched, I absolutely could not find i got her off of amazon and i paid $120.00.....and about 1 or 2 months later, i walk into toysrusand whats sitting there on there on the shelf looking at me??? Basic Abbey!!!

I would say a Holt and defiantly a Gil or any boy or character I would consider to be worth it I would consider the Cleo/Deuce and the werewolf sisters 2 packs, I think I would pay the most for a Gil either one wouldn't matter at all I just really want one so desperately.

Probably Nefera DeNile

Basic Jackson... been wanting him since 5ever.

Forbitten Love 2 Pack! I also recently bid on a basic Holt but got outbid pretty quickly. I've also bought Swim Holt off ebay because Justices around here stopped doing the waiting list after 2 stores told me I was next on the list. :(

Basic Jackson is tempting as well, so I guess I'm obsessed with boy dolls. :)

C.A. Cupid.  I only started collecting in July, so I missed out on her (and many others).  I keep going to various stores, hoping that they will have a few extra of her lying around, by some miracle, but so far, no dice.  Disheartening. 

I have to say, the thought of rare dolls make me anxious because whenever I go into stores, now, I feel like I need to buy everything because what if it's going to be gone forever next month?

I agree about the rare dolls! I would probably buy the basic toralei..I bought her for my niece for a birthday and bought myself basic operetta and never and now wish I had given her operetta instead..I don't like the ghouls alive version or the power ghouls or cheerleading..The coffin bean doesn't look too bad though. .otherwise I would pay the price for the boys. .I had gloom beach Jackson so I didn't get the basic Jackson when I had the chance and then my puppy chewed his legs then I got scars deuce and recently bought heath

SDCC Scarah or Deadfast Ghoulia. Probably also Signature Ghoulia (mine is incomplete), Gloom Beach Ghoulia, or the DOTD dolls who I haven't started tracking down yet.

I paid scalper price for Wydowna. I figured she'd only get pricier and pricier and I needed her. Definitely worth every penny. 

Gargoyle/Vampire CAM. I need 2 so I have the parts to finish the Puma. I wish i got them last year. :(

Polterghoul AND Dead Tired Spectra. Both are not available in my area.


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