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If you were to buy a Doll for a Scalper's Price which would it be?

I'm going to go off a say that SDCC exclusives don't count in this case due to their rarity in general. This only goes for any doll that has been widely released ever, even those not being produced anymore. You can say one that's out now and one that is no longer being made if you choose. Do this however you want really. It's not imply that you are ever going to buy from a scalper, this is just more of a how desperate you may be for a certain doll.

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For a doll that is currently out now I'd probably go with Viperine to be perfectly honest. My area hasn't gotten the three deluxe dolls out now and Viperine is already starting to be put in circulation. If she's anything like Gigi for my area I'll only ever see her in a Claire's or FYE after she's been out for a few months. Not to mention, she is probably my favorite wide release doll along with Twyla as of seeing her at NYCC. 

For a doll out of circulation I'd probably as DotD Deuce as I feel like he's the doll I regret not picking up the most. He's probably the best male doll made for the line thus far and considering how many times I saw him I just kind of feel a form of regret.

I think I'd go for Viperine more than DotD Deuce, especially considering that, as I said above, Viperine is probably one of my favorite wide release dolls wile Deuce is only one of my favorite boy dolls. Although I likely won't go to eBay for either I will have I've paid hiked prices before. Back in 2010 I had a $50 Amazon gift card and I used it to get basic Ghoulia which I still think she was worth it considering how little I even saw her re-release in stores. I also paid an extra $100 for Wydowna but SDCC dolls don't count here because their rarity makes up for the price hike especially since I got her signed.

Probably either a first wave Torelai or a Nefera. I love both of them, but I got into collecting after they'd been released, so I didn't even have a chance to get from a store.

I'd also love to have a Wydowna, but like you said - SDCC exclusive.

A current doll I might pay scalpers' prices for?  I'd say Viperine, too.  This, of course, does not mean that I WILL pay stupid prices for her; only that she's the most likely one, considering that, outside of Slo Mo and the Frankie/Jackson 2-pack, she is the only one of the current dolls that I want and don't have.

I don't have the money, but I'd consider paying second market prices for a basic Jackson!

I don't think there's a new/current doll I would pay to get faster, though.

Dawn of the Dance Draculaura, the pack never even came to my area so I had no chance at getting her =(

Basic Holt, which is my dream doll.  If not him, Dawn of the Dance Deuce, as that's the only Deuce I'm missing.

if money wasn't a concern, I would SO buy a Sig Toralei.

She's my grail doll and I started collecting waaay too late to get her in stores.

Mine would be DotD Lagonna.  I didn't have any money when the DotD came out, so I missed out.  I love her hair!

Mine would be either DotD Ghoulia, since she's the one DotD I'm missing, or Swim Class Holt because I want to display him with my Swim Class Frankie.

I don't think I could ever pay scapler for a doll that's newly released/about to be released. 

But I would definitely for a basic Ghoulia! Sigh. Someday.

DotD Deuce. He's the only doll that I need of the earlier releases.



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