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If you order the Cave Club dolls that arrive with the hair extensions, there's something that you NEED to know!


I just ordered the Cave Club dolls that arrive with hair extensions, and, as it turns out, they DO NOT ARRIVE IN WINDOW BOXES! The fronts of their boxes LITERALLY just show CARTOON images of the characters, so that you WON'T be able to see the actual DOLLS!

Now, provided that the dolls that I ordered don't become damaged during the shipping process, this is a PERFECT situation for ME, as I almost ALWAYS DE-box MY dolls, but if YOU are planning to keep YOURS NRFB, then you MAY want to order the dolls that DON'T arrive with the extra hair extensions.

I just thought that I'd let you know about this....BEFORE you ordered your Cave Club dolls.

Disappears into a shadow.

The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

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