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If you could look more like any celebrities or important historical figures, which ones would you want to look like?


If you could look more like any celebrities or important historical figures, which ones would you want to look like?

I'd love to look more like Camille Clifford and Natalie Wood. Camille Clifford looked super healthy, but she had a perfect waistline, perfect hips, and a catlike bust; Natalie Wood was perfect in every way; her hands seemed so fluid that they could've been made of dough or white chocolate. It's as though even when her fingers were in a bent pose, they looked 100% smooth and fluid.

With regard to historical figures, I wish that I looked like Eva Peron. Mind you, I'm talking solely about her looks, and not about her actions, as her role in the ruling of Argentina fairly is disputed. With regard to her looks, she was perfection in miniature, that sexy little cupcake at Peron's side.

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

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wow this is an interesting topic, and good choices, especially Eva Peron. 

I'd have to say Jesy Nelson from Little Mix I have to say cause she is sexy despite what some might say about her figure she has curves in all right places and she dose look beautiful with a heavy top and perfect sculptured face even if she might have had some help with that one. 

Historical figures this might be a shocker to some and a very controversial pic but I'm going to say Queen Mary The I, Mary Tudor AKA Bloody Mary, I don't believe she was bad person she had such a tragic traumatic life and I'm all about the underdogs, she was said to be attractive in her youth with a slime line figure and her outfits I really liked. 

yes both pics were females haha but if I have to say male I'd probably say Shawn Mendes or Cameron Dallas cause they are attractive and I am not as a male they have full heads of hair which I don't. 

Historical male I don't really know could also be someone attractive. 

Mika, he's so pretty <_< >_>


I find so many people beautiful, the list would be endless in my case!

Audrey Hepburn, Gene Tierney, Michelle Pfeiffer, Brigitte Bardot, Elisabeth Taylor, Vivien Leigh, Ava Gardner etc Most older actresses. I have luxury taste! lol I was watching old series form the 80's recently and I thought the actress playing in Hunter was very good looking too despite the 80's/90's fashion.

To look like them? I am not sure. I just find them beautiful.

And for a man, it would be Jean Marais when he was young. Oh my!

And I forgot Gregory Peck. Shame on me!

Dear Wolife,

Awesome question...I love this..For all of my life, as a real redhead, I have been compared to all of the Redhead actresses..Ann-Margaret is what I hear most often & the Redgrave sisters and even Charlie Browns love, " The Little red headed girl." Plus my doppleganger  Jessica Rabbit.

I would have preferred to Look like Jean Harlow, Carole Lombard and the Gorgeous Sharon Tate..

Men ?  James Dean or Errol Flynn..

People of History..I love your choice of Evita..Queen Elizabeth 1..Marie-Antoinette..or the one I am also confused with The Grand Duchess Anastasia. Mary Queen of Scots or Cleopatra..Is it just me or do I see a running theme here ? LOL..

I can not wait to see more replies to this fascinating thread..

Happy weekend Hugs,


I have forgotten Clint Eastwood in Rawhide and Steve McQueen in Wanted dead or alive! 

lol  It reminds me of that song "Where have all the cow boys gone?"

it's indeed an interesting question! Well if I would like to be a celebrity I would choose from females Oprah Winfrey,Emma Watson and why not from history figures well Lady D 

Been there done acually and it nearly killed me I sort of looked like Bella from twlight so I became anerextic for a short time in middle school. Other people noticed that I looked like her and I got more attention but it was short lived because it affected my Heath too much. 

Hello, Thrifty,

I'm glad that you're a lot healthier now. I was very good at starving myself during college, but, just like in your case, it backfired.

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie


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