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If you could have any monster high doll right now, what would it be?

Hey guys. This is just a fun little talk! I was wondering if you could have any monster high doll, what would it be? :-)

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Replies to This Discussion's Rule Cleo

Hmmmmm........... Hard choice but sorry Cleo I'm in love with frankie
Oh thats Easy...Daughter of Arachne...I guess her name is gonna be Widowna Spider...cannot wait til she is released!!

Out of the existing dolls, or someone that we would like to see in doll form?

For the former, I'd like to have Howleen for free, because she's the only Basic that I don't have (I don't really like her) 

For the latter, I'd like to have either an InvisiBilly or Heath doll :D

Head mistress bloodgood!

I would be mabye dawn of the dance frankie or basic spectra

me wants Katrina the purple kitty

Dance Class Howleen - no question about it.

Of course if you were to narrow it down to dolls already released, I'd say Dawn of the Dance Clawdeen.

Ok..I know I already answered once...but i figured I would answer again....Skelita Calaveres!!

Dance Class Howleen.  I'm looking forward to Scaris Deuce as well, I sold my first one in order to make room for the new one with articulated wrists. 

SDCC Ghoulia

Dawn of the Dance Draculaura and Deuce & Dance Class Howleen.


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