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If the entire cast of MH were somehow transported to Equestria and turned into Ponies, what do you think they and their Cutie Marks look like? I have a few ideas. Share yours here!

Cleo: Body color- Gold Mane and Tail color- Teal with a black stripe Cutie Mark- I'm thinking a hieroglyphic snake with a tiara Cleo would be an alicorn

Frankie: Body- Mint Green Mane- White with black streaks Tail- white Cutie Mark- Electric Blue lightning bolt

Draculaura: Body- Pale pink like her skin tone Mane- Pink with black stripes Tail-Pink Cutie Mark- Heart with bat wings Pegasus

Deuce: Body Lime green Mane and tail- Green in same shade as his snakes Cutie Mark- Stone colored snakes Accessories- Deuce still has his trademark sunglasses

Operetta: Body; Lavender Mane- Red and Black Tail Red Cutie Mark- Black Music shaped heart similar to her basic mask Operetta would also wear a mask Unicorn

Robecca: Body- Bronze Mane- Dark Blue with black highlights Tail- Dark Blue Cutie Mark- 3 copper gears in various sizes Robecca would have a mechanical look

Clawdeen: Body- Tan Mane and Tail- Green and Purple Cutie Mark- Yellow crescent moon with claw marks on it

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