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Not sure if this is in the right place but I have ideas for the kids of the main characters from the musical Wicked. I chose the musical over the original books because I believe that the musical gave each of the characters more depth and a backstory with the exception of Dorthy. The kids are as followed: Melinda, Daughter of Glinda, Doreen Gale, Daughter of Dorthy, Leonna, Daughter of the Cowardly Lion, Suzy the Scarecrow and Elpharose, Twin Daughters of Fiyero the Scarcrow and Elphaba the Witch, and TInna, Daughter of Boq the Tinman. The story for them is that Glinda later learns after the musical has ended that her dear friend has faked her death in order to start a new life. Elphaba and Glinda continue being good friends in private and their children become very close to each other as well. Melinda and the twins are currently attempting to clear Elphaba's name of the things she was accused of doing wrong. Tinna also knows these three but refuses to believe that Elphaba turned her father into a metal man in order to save his life. Leonna is Tinna and Doreen's best friend and is head strong unlike her father originally was. But Leonna is unsure whether or not her father became a coward after the so called "wicked" witch freed him from his cage. Doreen is very similar to her mother but not quite as naive as Dorthy when she first arrived in Oz. She believes that Elphaba is wicked because she chased her mother and threatened her life but neither Dorthy nor Doreen knows the entire story. The side these six choose are as followed: Dorthy-Destiny is to discover where home really is and is a Royal, Tinna- Royal destined to discover what a true heart can reveal and do to a person, Leonna- Destined to become a strong leader with the knowledge that fear isn't always a negative thing and is a Royal but leans a bit to the Rebel side like Poppy O'Hair, Suzy- Destined to learn that not having lots of knowledge doesn't mean you aren't smart and she is a Rebel, Elpharose is a Rebel destined to become a powerful witch (Not sure how to flesh the destiny out more), and Melinda is a Rebel as she is eager and destined to become a kind witch like her mother, she doesn't like the labels people put onto others especially when they aren't true. What do you guys think?

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They couldn't and won't go off Wicked because it's not in the public domain like the book.


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