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So i was at Barnes & Nobles yesterday and I saw they had DC Superhero Girls budget dolls and I was just curious what ideas or collections you are hoping they come out with. Im definately hoping they come out with fashion packs but i think a sleep over line would be cute. Also a dance/prom theme would be cool...i always love a good winter theme..... also who do you think is the most popular or hard to find?  i definately think the most popular/htf is Harley Quinn. Im looking forward to see what the future holds for her.

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I honestly think the best way of doing a DC Superhero doll line is by making it...not like a doll line.

I wouldn't want to see the stereotypical lines such as the beach, sleepover and prom lines because this is a very different doll line. It's not just about the fashion dolls - they're a very small part of a large product range. We've seen the action figures, the training dolls, upcoming vinyl figures, the Power Action Wondy and Invisible Jet playset with doll, all things other than the gorgeous fashion dolls. Easily the best idea in my opinion would be to split the line across 'painted fashion' action dolls like the Power Action Wondy and training dolls - primarily to focus on developing a core cast of existing characters - and the 'fashion dolls' will focus on new characters like Catwoman, Killer Frost, etc. DC has an array of female characters. If we get six different new characters a season, that will last at least a couple of years. We may even get to see boys as well. That's at least another year added.

If they were to make more traditional fashion doll lines, I would love to see some sort of sports line. It can promote a healthy body image and encourage empowerment through fitness. This is pretty important since Mattel wants to get good messages out to the kids, and most importantly not scare off the parents. However, having 'typical' lines such as prom, beach and sleepover lines just seem more vapid and I don't think this line needs them. 

And the most popular so far definitely seems to be Harley Quinn - I'm surprised the convention exclusive this year wasn't a version of her, especially with Suicide Squad out this year. I'm also annoyed that I can't get Katana because she was the convention exclusive.

I agree I don't want it to be too much like EAH and MH (the reboot MH anyway) or Barbie even, no frilly fluffly froo froo stuff please, and no cliché lines like the beach, winter, sleepover, dance ect.

I would prefer it to be a more traditional line with the doll versions of characters with outfits and appearances more true to their origins, like Dr Harleen Quinzel I would like to see that in doll form, however they are meant to be teens and Harley came after so it probably won't be possible for the story unless she graduated really young, also special edition versions of characters would be nice too, I would like to see a Harley and Joker 2 pack if they do a Joker doll in which I really hope that they do.

I Think Harley Quinn is probably the most popular character not sure if she's hard to find but could sell out faster than the others.


Yah...ya'll are right...i never thought of it that way but they are gonna have to something periodically to keep them interesting. There can only be so many versions of Supergirl (for example) in a supergirl superoutfit....perhaps they can do a line of them in P.E. or training outfits...Harley is definitely the most popular. I was at toys r us and they had tons of the DC SuperHeros but no Harley''s. Im just glad i already got mine.


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