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This spin-off would focus on monsters that are not in high school. 

The dolls are all types of monsters already introduced in Monster High, showing variety within a monster species.

The personalities and names of the characters are decided by the one playing with the dolls.

The lines would include: 

Career Monsters: similar to Barbie I Can Be... Grown up monsters with jobs.

It would introduce a Curvy body sculpt with Nefera's height. The male body sculpts would include ones based on the Dracula and Professor Steam dolls, as well as a new chubby sculpt.

All come with small play-sets related to the monster's occupation.

Monster Wedding: A collector's line, featuring the wedding customs of different monster cultures.

Brides, grooms, bridesmaids, flower girls, etc... would all be sold separately so the collector can mix and match to create the perfect wedding.

Monster Nursery: Monster baby dolls in scale with Monster High dolls.

Three basic body types: Newborn, Crawling, and Toddler

Must be cuter than the werewolf and mummy babies we've seen already

I don't know what this would be called...: Monster children that are not babies anymore, but not yet teenagers. 

Two basic heights: smaller Ebbie-sized and taller Kelpie-sized

Monster Pet Shop: monster animals, like the pets that came with the first basics and Beast Friends.

What do you think? Do you have some ideas that might work in this spin-off? :)

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