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I've lived this life once and I'm not doing it again! (open RP)

I've been oc's Shane and Shaun messed with a thing they found in the basement. To keep things short...they invited Thier friends over and when they all touched it they to...KIDS! This takes place when they wake up as kids.

Shane's POV

Shane woke up rubbing his head. He glanced down. Baggy clothes,small hands...? "WHAT THE BARREL!"he yelled. He looked in a mirror (he had to jump to see) and saw an 9 year old redheads boy with freckles. "Before me and Shaun got bit..."he whispered. "I'm a normie!"he realized. "Wake up!"he yelled to his sleeping friends. They were all kids too. Shaun groaned and sat up. "What do you-AHHHHHHHHH..."5 minutes lator"HHHHHHHHHH"!

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I roam the streets in town, trying to fight the urge to run back to the house and help with the machine. I halt, remembering this moment in my life. The Martins–– the people I served for five or more years–– are walking down the sidewalk. I quickly sprint into an alley, hoping that they didn't see me. That was the moment in my life when they hired me to be a servant. They didn't even ask me if I wanted to. Staying silent and hiding behind a dumpster, I watch them walk past.


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