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I've lived this life once and I'm not doing it again! (open RP)

I've been oc's Shane and Shaun messed with a thing they found in the basement. To keep things short...they invited Thier friends over and when they all touched it they to...KIDS! This takes place when they wake up as kids.

Shane's POV

Shane woke up rubbing his head. He glanced down. Baggy clothes,small hands...? "WHAT THE BARREL!"he yelled. He looked in a mirror (he had to jump to see) and saw an 9 year old redheads boy with freckles. "Before me and Shaun got bit..."he whispered. "I'm a normie!"he realized. "Wake up!"he yelled to his sleeping friends. They were all kids too. Shaun groaned and sat up. "What do you-AHHHHHHHHH..."5 minutes lator"HHHHHHHHHH"!

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((May I join? I want to be my new OC but can't think of a name for him. Temporary name could be Seth or something English XD ))

(yes join)

((Alright, thanks.))

I wake up on the cold floor, staring at the ceiling. Head pounding, I sit up and notice that everyone is younger. Possibly around nine years old. That must mean...  I scramble to my feet and rush over to the mirror. I stare into it, and see a twelve-year-old boy staring back at me.

"No, no, no, no!" I mutter to myself. Turning around, I ask, "Shane... what happened? What was that thing that you found in the basement?"

"Er...sorry."Shane said. "It was Shaun's idea!"he added. Shaun looked away. "We should call Volcanica."he said.

I sigh and glance at the mirror again. It's so strange seeing myself with both eyes and a human-like face.

"Can we reverse this?" I ask. I just can't go through my death twice.

((Troslos XD And, my OC (dammit it's so hard to talk about him without a name gaah) is twelve. He was older than everyone else when they were teens, and he's still older XD ))

"It's a gift to be a child again?" I question, raising an eyebrow. "Possibly reliving our deaths is a gift?"

(( XD ))

I sigh. I'll become a servant yet again and die twice... unless we can reverse this time warp.

"Well, Shane. Shaun." I say, glancing at the two redheads. "I suggest that you look at that machine and try to figure out how to reverse this time warp. It was you two who did this to us, and it is you who will return us back to normal."

Shane and Shaun rushed to the machine on the table. Volcanica walked in. "Hey guys I-..."she froze and stared. "What did you do to them?"she asked Shaun and Shane. Shane explained quickly while Shaun poked at the machine. Volcanica face palmed. Shane gasped. "I think I found the reverse!"he said. He pressed the button. Volcanica yelped as smoke covered her. When it cleared a nine year old girl stood there. "Idiots!"she snapped. Shane banged his head on the table. "Ouch! Wha-oh."he remembered that he hadn't been bit yet,he could still feel pain. Shaun stared at his hands. "Ugh. I hate being a normie again."he said. "Focus!"Volcanica snapped.

Sighing softly, I stare at the machine. Can this be reversed? Shaking my head, I walk out of the room.

((Finally got a name for him: Sicarius))

I stop by the door and bang my head on the wall a few times, hoping that this is just a dream. After realizing it isn't a dream and getting a slight headache, I leave the house, hoping that the redheads will fix that machine.


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