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I need to figure out how to offload images from my camera phone, but, for now, I'll just tell you briefly about how I....

literally took virtually all of Astranova's Flotation Station apart!

It sort of began with me just wanting to know exactly what was inside of the Flotation Station, and with me assuming that there was a magnet inside of the "comet".

So....I carefully removed almost every solitary screw that held anything at all together, but I decided to avoid trying to remove any of the black pieces from the cloud base, because they wouldn't come out, and because I decided that I rather liked just the cloud, with its black gates.

What did I find? Well....

* The back of the black center backdrop revealed some wires, but I chose to just cut them, rather than trying to remove the final panel that was back there. Eventually, the entire back of the black center backdrop was replaced, so that it'd be sealed up again....for safety's sake.

* The long, curvy, ivory-colored piece separated into two halves once the screws were removed.

* The comet was comprised of two outer halves, a clear, smooth "cone", and a "mother board" computer board, complete with an "On / Off" switch....and tiny light bulbs....and tons of wires! As far as I can remember, the top and the smooth cone were together, with the computer board being trapped inside of the lower half of the comet.

The magnet that was inside of Astranova's head is still awaiting analysis.

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

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